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How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter Thats Not Sparking

How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter That’s Not Sparking

How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter That's Not Sparking

Having problems with a Samsung stove igniter? If you're having trouble getting it to spark and ignite the flame, you can take steps to figure out the issue and fix it. In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of Samsung stove igniter problems and provide tips on troubleshooting them.

Cause 1: Debris in Igniter Port

The first cause is often a blockage in the igniter's port. When an igniter is clogged with debris, it won't spark correctly. To determine if the port is clogged, remove the stove grates and inspect the igniter. A clogged port looks like a black, sooty residue around the interior of the porcelain.

To clear the debris, pull the igniter out and clean it with a soft brush. If the igniter is still clogged, use a compressed air canister to blow the debris out of the port. Always follow any manufacturer’s directions for cleaning the igniter.

Cause 2: Incorrect Positioning of Igniter

Sometimes, an igniter won't spark because it's not positioned correctly. To determine if this is causing the issue, first make sure the igniter is pushed in all the way. Then, examine the igniter to make sure it's on the right setting. In many cases, this setting is determined by the control knob closest to the burner. The positions should line up with the type of burner and gas flame size.

If the igniter is misaligned, adjust it to the correct position. You can find the specs in the user's manual. When done, test the igniter to see if it sparks. If not, put the igniter back to its original position and move on to the steps below.

Cause 3: Damaged Wires

One of the most common causes of an igniter not sparking is frayed or damaged wires that have become disconnected from the circuit board. To test the wires, first disconnect the power and remove the wires from the igniter.

Next, use a multimeter to check the continuity of the igniter’s wires. If the wires are frayed or damaged, you'll need to replace them. If the wires are in good condition, you'll have to check the oven/stove circuit board for any problems.

Discontinuities can often be fixed with a simple circuit board repair. However, if the circuit board is damaged beyond repair, you'll need to replace the whole unit.


If your Samsung stove igniter is not sparking, it could be due to a blockage by debris in the port, incorrect positioning of the igniter, or frayed or damaged wires. To determine the exact source of the issue and find an effective solution, you may need to enlist the services of a qualified technician.
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How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter That's Not Sparking
How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter That's Not Sparking
How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter That's Not Sparking

Samsung Stove Igniter Not Sparking

It is important to take preventive action when dealing with a Samsung stove igniter not sparking. Here are a few recommendations from manufacturers and local appliance and HVAC technicians:

  1. Clean the burner, electrodes, removable grounding straps, and pilot generator with a gentle bristled brush.
  2. Check the wire connections on the igniter and make sure they are secure.
  3. Check the continuity of the grounding strap to ensure it is undamaged.
  4. Check for any gas supply flow disruptions.
  5. If your model has a main gas valve, make sure it is in the open position.
  6. Check the igniter wires for any loose connections.
  7. If your model has a igniter cap, make sure it is in the correct position.
  8. Make sure the oven is properly grounded.
  9. Rightly adjust the igniter cap.
  10. Replace any faulty components in the stove.
  11. Replace any damaged wiring.
  12. Consider calling a reliable local appliance repair technician in the event that any of the preventive steps above were not effective and the above issue continues to persist.

Repairing an Inoperative Stove Igniter in San Diego

The average cost to repair a Samsung stove igniter that isn't sparking can vary depending on the model and the necessary parts required to complete the repair. In San Diego, the price will often start at $200 for minimum repair or installation, to as high as $600 for complex repair or installation.

The cost of materials, such as replacement parts and tools, also needs to be taken into account. The most commonly replaced parts of a stove igniter include a gas manifold, electrode, spark generator module, wires, and sometimes the igniter switch. The price of each part can vary, but it is estimated to cost around $30-$190.

Service call labor costs can also be involved, adding to the overall cost of the repair. Service call labor costs in San Diego can range from $150-$250. Any additional fees, like a same day delivery fee are also subject to the service provider’s charges.

Yet, the true cost of repair can only be guaranteed by speaking with a reliable appliance repair professional who can best pinpoint the exact parts needed to complete the repair. We recommend hiring an experienced and qualified appliance repair services, such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair for all your appliance needs.

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FAQs: How to Fix a Samsung Stove Igniter That's Not Sparking

How do I know my Samsung stove igniter isn't sparking?

You may notice an absence of a spark or clicking sound when you press the igniter button. You may also see that the burner does not light. This can indicate that the igniter is not working and needs to be replaced.

What common problems can cause a Samsung stove igniter not to spark?

The most common culprits are a faulty igniter, a failed spark module, or an issue with the wiring circuit.

What is the first step to troubleshoot the issue?

The first step is to confirm the problem. Test the igniter by activating it with your hand. If you can determine the spark module is receiving power, the problem likely lies with the igniter itself and not with the spark module.

What tools do I need to fix an ignite issue?

You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

How do I replace the Samsung stove igniter?

  1. Disconnect the power to the oven.
  2. Remove the screws from the cover plate of the igniter assembly to access it.
  3. Disconnect the wires from the igniter and remove it.
  4. Install the new igniter and reassemble the parts.
  5. Reconnect the power and test the igniter.

If your Samsung stove igniter is still not sparking, please contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for further assistance.