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Fixing a Bosch Dishwasher That Won’t Start


Fixing a Bosch Dishwasher That Won't Start

Nothing is more irritating than a dishwasher that won't start, especially when it's a Bosch. Bosch dishwashers are known for their reliability, but they're not completely exempt from malfunctioning. The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to try and diagnose and fix the problem on your own before you call in a professional.

Troubleshooting Steps

When faced with a Bosch dishwasher that won't start, there are several steps homeowners can take to potentially diagnose and fix the issue on their own.

Step 1: Check Door Latch

The first step in troubleshooting a Bosch dishwasher that won't start is to make sure the door is securely closed. The latch must be firmly engaged for the dishwasher to start. Inspect the handle and latch mechanism to make sure it is closing properly and that the door is tightly closed and latched.

Step 2: Determine If The Power Is On

The next step is to check if the dishwasher is receiving power. If the dishwasher has no power, it is likely that either a fuse or the power supply to the unit has been disrupted. Check the circuit breaker box, and if necessary reset any tripped breakers. If the power is clearly on and the dishwasher still won’t start, it is likely a problem with the electronic control board.

Step 3: Inspect Gaskets and Seals

If all fuses are in order and the power is on, then it is time to check the door gasket, door hinges, and door latch. Determine if the gasket or seals need to be replaced and if the door hinges are properly functioning so that the door is properly shutting and latching. At this point, it is usually smart to have a professional appliance repair technician to inspect the door hinges and gasket.

Step 4: Check Water Inlet Valve

Finally, if all other steps have been unsuccessful, it is time to check the water inlet valve for clogs or corrosion. If the water inlet valve is not allowing water to flow through, it must be replaced to get the dishwasher back in working order.

Final Notes

A dishwasher that won’t start is an annoying problem, but if you take the time to troubleshoot, you may be able to get your Bosch dishwasher back up and running in no time. Be sure to routinely inspect the latch, gaskets, and seals to make sure they are functioning properly. If these steps do not yield a solution, it is best to err on the side of caution and call in a professional appliance repair technician. They will be able to provide a thorough diagnosis and repair the dishwasher quickly and efficiently.

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Fixing a Bosch Dishwasher That Won't Start
Fixing a Bosch Dishwasher That Won't Start
Fixing a Bosch Dishwasher That Won't Start

Tips to Avoid Bosch Dishwasher Won't Start Issues

If you own a Bosch dishwasher, there are some tips and best practices you can follow to ensure it runs reliably. While many issues can be resolved yourself, it is important to call a professional technician if the problem persists. Here are some tips to try when your dishwasher fails to start.

  • Check the Power Source. One of the most common problems is a dishwasher that fails to start due to a lack of power. Ensure the dishwasher is still plugged in and the outlet is working. Also, check that the breaker controlling the dishwasher hasn't been tripped. If all else fails, unplug the unit and reset it by plugging it back in.

  • Clean the Filter. If your dishwasher has been not starting, then it may have a clogged filter. Clean or replace the filter and see if the dishwasher starts up.

  • Check and Clean the Door Latch. If the door doesn't latch properly, the dishwasher will not start. Make sure to check for any blockages and clear away any debris.

  • Check the Start Button. If your start switch is damaged or not working, the dishwasher won't start. Try to reset the switch by pushing it hard and then releasing it.

  • Check the Water Valve. Ensure the water valve is not clogged and open.

If the issue still persists and your Bosch dishwasher won't start, it is best to call a reliable appliance repair company like Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222. They can help diagnose and repair any issues with your dishwasher quickly and efficiently.

Average Repair Cost for Bosch Dishwasher Won't Start Issue in San Diego

Having issues with your Bosch dishwasher not starting in the city of San Diego? We suggest giving Local Reliable Appliance Repair a call at (866)516-1222.

The repair cost of a Bosch dishwasher will depend on the complexity of the repair and the parts that need to be replaced. The minimum repair cost will be around $50 and the most complex repair cost can reach up to $400 for labor and materials.

Here is a list of parts and associated cost for your Bosch dishwasher repair:

  • Motor – this part can cost around $125 – $225 to replace.
  • Control board – Priced anywhere between $100 – $200 and upwards.
  • Heating element – can cost around $30 – $100.
  • Circulating pump – costs can range from $50 – $150.
  • Door latch – can cost between $20 – $50.
  • Gasket – priced at around $25 – $35.
  • Float switch – usually costs between $45 – $60.
  • Vacuum breaker – usually costs around $20 – $35.

In addition to the parts, labor for the repair can range from $50 – $150 depending on the complexity of the repair. Materials and the complexity of the repair can also increase the cost.

When repair costs excede the cost of a new Bosch dishwasher, you may want to consider replacing your Bosch dishwasher.

However, keep in mind that replacement costs and installation costs can be quite expensive, especially in the city of San Diego. Prices may range anywhere from $375 – $750 and more.

We highly recommend calling Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (844) 516-1222 to get an estimate of the best repair option that fits your needs and budget.

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FAQ – Fixing a Bosch Dishwasher That Won't Start

How to diagnose why my Bosch dishwasher won't start?

Check for power, check the door latch, breakers/fuses and the thermostat. If all seem okay, examine the drain pump, pressure switch, and wiring. Replace any loose or damaged parts.

Can a Bosch dishwasher be reset?

Yes, resetting your Bosch dishwasher can be done in two ways: 1) by cutting power to the unit for more than 10 minutes; and 2) by pressing the "on/off" button for three seconds.

How do I fix a Bosch dishwasher that won't turn on?

Check to see if the door is shut properly, and also make sure it's securely latched. Check the power cord or plug. Also, check the circuit breaker/fuse. If all checks out, examine the drain pump, pressure switch, and wiring. Replace any worn or damaged parts.

Why isn't my Bosch dishwasher draining?

Check if the drain hose is kinked or clogged. Ensure the drain outlet is free of debris and obstructions. Reset the dishwasher using the two methods, and check the drain pump for damage or clogs. Finally, check for any loose wiring.

What is the most likely cause of a Bosch dishwasher not starting?

The most likely cause is a malfunctioning door latch, which affects the door switch. Check the latch, circuit breaker, and wiring before considering other parts.

If you need help fixing a Bosch dishwasher that won't start and haven't been able to find the source of the issue, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair. We will provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.