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Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up Heres What to Do

Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up? Here’s What to Do


Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up? Here's What to Do

Nothing is worse than stepping into wet clothes that failed to dry in the dryer. If your dryer is not heating up, you can troubleshoot the gadget and make sure it works like new.

If you've noticed that your clothes are coming out of the dryer cold and damp, don't ignore the problem. To save money and time, you need to understand why your dryer won't heat up and fix it. Here's what you need to know.

Check the Lint Trap

A full lint trap can block air flow, preventing your dryer from heating properly. The first thing you should do is to check the lint trap and make sure it's clean. This can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Empty the lint trap and check the screen. If you find a lot of lint on the screen, use a cleaning brush to remove it.
  • Replace the lint trap and make sure the seal is snug and secure.
  • Use a lint brush to clean the vent pipe and make it blockage-free.
  • Give the dryer a trial run to make sure it is heating properly.

Check Circuit Breakers

Circuit breaker problems can also lead to dryer not heating up. If the device doesn’t have power, it won’t heat. Check the circuit breakers and make sure they are in the ‘on’ position. You can also check the outlet to make sure it is working.

Inspect the Dryer’s Thermal Fuse

If your dryer has a thermal fuse, it can cause the device to become unresponsive when it is blown. To check the thermal fuse, you need to unplug the appliance and locate the thermal fuse. Disconnect the wire and check it with a voltage tester. If the fuse is blown, the tester should show no voltage. If that is the case, you will need to replace the fuse and reset the dryer.

Replace the Heating Element

The heating element can go bad over time, leading to dryer not heating up. To replace the faulty element, you need to unplug the dryer and remove the back of the appliance. You can then access the heating element and detach it from the dryer. Replacing the element takes some skills and knowledge, so it’s better to seek a professional technician’s help if you don’t have the expertise.

Clean the Blower Fan

If the blower fan is clogged or blocked, it could also result in your dryer not heating. To take care of this problem, you need to unplug the dryer and remove the back panel. Locate the blower fan and use a vacuum cleaner to extract the lint and debris from the fan. Reconnect the fan and restart the dryer.

If all these steps fail to fix the dryer heating issue, you may need to call a professional appliance repair company for further assistance. A qualified service technician will help you diagnose and fix the underlying problem with the appliance.

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Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up? Here's What to Do
Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up? Here's What to Do
Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up? Here's What to Do

Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up

For homeowners experiencing an issue with their cloth dryer not heating up, manufacturer or local appliance and HVAC technician recommendations may be beneficial in mitigating the issue. The following is a list of items to consider:

  1. Clear the Lint Trap: Lint buildup can significantly block airflow, which can cause issues with heat transfer. Empty the lint trap after each use and check the ventilation options.

  2. Check the Breaker: Ensure the breaker to the appliance is switched on and not tripped. If the breaker is tripped, reset it and try again.

  3. Check the Thermal Fuse: Test the thermal fuse by unplugging the dryer then disconnect the thermal fuse from the machine. Next, check the fuse with a multimeter. It should read zero ohms. If not, it is likely blown and should be replaced.

  4. Replace the Gas Valve Coil: Have a local HVAC technician replace the gas valve coil if the appliance is gas powered.

  5. Remove Foreign Objects: Disconnect power to the appliance, take off the back panel, and remove any build up of foreign objects or materials.

  6. Check the Wiring: Ask a local HVAC technician to check the wiring and terminals on the electric heating elements and the wiring on the temperature control panel.

  7. Poor Airflow: Ensure the airflow around the appliance is unobstructed. Move the washer and dryer away from corners and walls, with at least four to six inches of space around it.

  8. Call a Professional: If all else fails or if there is not a clear solution, call a reliable appliance repair professional. A professional can accurately diagnose the issue and suggest a repair suitable for the model of the machine.

By taking the time to examine each of these items, homeowners may be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue on their own. It is also important to purchase reliable parts from a certified retailer. If any of these fixes seem like too difficult of a task, it is best to call a professional for assistance.

Average Cost of "Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up" Repair in San Diego

In San Diego, the average cost for repairing a cloth dryer that is not heating up can range from the minimum repair or installation cost of about $200 to the more complex repair or installation, which can cost up to $800. For proper repair and maintenance, some of the most commonly replaced parts include the heating element, thermal fuse, high-limit thermostat, and the cycling thermostat.

The cost of the parts, including materials, will depend on the type of dryer and the existing damage. The cost of the labor will also depend on the extent of the repair needed and the technician's experience. Additionally, customers may need to purchase additional parts and accessories, which will add to their repair bill. Expert advice to get the best and most reliable service, is to call a local appliance repair service like Local Reliable Appliance Repair.

For the heating element, the most commonly replaced and cost-effective part, prices typically range from $25 to $100. A thermal fuse, which will prevent the motor from overheating, is usually around $15, and a high-limit thermostat, which monitors the temperature of the air in the dryer, will cost an additional $25. The cycling thermostat, which cycles on and off to maintain a certain temperature, can cost anywhere from $50 to $150.

In most cases, the labor will significantly add to the cost of the repair. Depending on the experience of the technician, the labor cost can range from $50 to $250. These charges can vary depending on the technician's location and the extent of the repairs needed.

Overall, customers must take into account not only the cost of the parts, but also the cost of the labor. For the best repair service and value in San Diego, it is wise to contact a reputable and reliable appliance repair service like Local Reliable Appliance Repair.

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FAQ on Cloth Dryer Not Heating Up

Q: What are the usual causes of a cloth dryer not heating up?

A: The usual causes are usually clogged lint filters, faulty cycle settings, blown thermal fuses, or a worn out heating element.

Q: How can I tell if my lint filter is clogged up?

A: To check if your lint filter is clogged up, you should examine the filter for blockages. If the filter appears to be clogged up with lint, it should be replaced or cleaned.

Q: What are the steps for cleaning the lint filter?

A: The steps for cleaning the lint filter are to first take the lint filter out of the dryer. Then scrape off the lint that is stuck to the filter. After this, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining lint from the filter. Then replace the filter back into the dryer.

Q: What if my lint filter is not the issue?

A: If the issue is not the lint filter, then you should check that the cycle settings are appropriate for your drying needs. Additionally, you could check the thermal fuses to make sure they aren't blown, and if they are, then they need to be replaced. Finally, you can check the heating element to make sure it is working properly.

Q: What should I do if my cloth dryer is still not heating up?

A: If your cloth dryer is still not heating up after these steps, then it is recommended that you call a local reliable appliance repair professional at (866) 516-1222 for repairs.