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What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid Cycle

What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle

What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle

Doing your laundry should be an easy and hassle-free chore, but when your dryer stops mid-cycle it can feel like a big crisis. You may have a pile of wet clothes in the drum and no idea what caused the failure.

Identify the Problem

The first step in resolving mid-cycle dryer stoppage is to find out what caused it. Common causes are faulty door switches, failed door latch assembly, broken drive belts, clogged vents, and motor failure. Pushing start buttons and opening the door latch may help to identify the cause.

Make sure nothing is blocking the path of the dryer door by checking the door frame and frame seals. Inspect the drive belt to make sure there are no fractures, tears or other signs of damage. Clogged vents can cause mid-cycle stoppages, and need to be cleaned. If all of these components are functioning correctly then you may want to invest in a new motor, as it is usually the cause when all else fails.

Launch an Investigation

If you are still uncertain about the cause of mid-cycle stoppage, you may want to enlist the help of a professional. They can help you to identify the cause of the breakdown, and also help you to decide if it is better to repair or replace the unit.

When calling a professional, be sure to explain exactly what is happening and what has been done to investigate the issue. If you can identify any steps taken that has helped to alleviate the problem, even temporarily, then be sure to mention those as well.

Get the Right Tool

Once you know the source of the mid-cycle stoppage, you will be better equipped to determine the best course of action. If you decide to work on your dryer yourself, make sure you get the right tools and are aware of any safety protocols associated with working on certain parts and components of the dryer.

Seek Assistance

If you cannot determine the cause or don’t have access to the necessary tools and expertise, or you are not comfortable working on the dryer yourself, the best option may be to enlist the help of a reliable appliance repair service.

Be sure to choose a service with a good reputation for professional repairs and customer service so that you can have peace of mind knowing that the problem will be diagnosed correctly and fixed as quickly as possible. A good repair service will also offer a warranty for the repairs so that you can be sure that the problem won’t re-occur.

Preventive Maintenance

Repair can address the source of mid-cycle stoppages, but the best way to prevent them in the future is to invest in preventive maintenance. Regular maintenance, including cleaning lint traps, checking belts and inspecting seals, can greatly improve the performance of the dryer and ensure that you don’t have to call in a repair service.


When your dryer stops mid-cycle, it can feel like a real emergency. The best way to get your dryer back up and running is to properly identify the source of the stoppage, invest in the right tools, and seek assistance from a reliable appliance repair service. Additionally, regular preventive maintenance can help to ensure that your dryer runs smoothly for years to come. If you wish to read more information about Dryer stops mid cycle, click here. You can also call a Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for more assistance.

What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle
What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle
What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle

Dryer Stops Mid Cycle – Professional Technician’s Recommendations

Dryers are an integral part of a household and are often used multiple times a day. Unfortunately, it’s common for dryers to stop mid-cycle, which can be an annoyance and waste of time. Thankfully, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the chance of this occurring. Here are some professional technician’s recommendations to avoid Dryer stops mid cycle issues:

1. Clean the Lint Screen – Cleaning the lint screen after every use will help reduce build up on the screen and improve air circulation in the dryer. This can help prevent the dryer from stopping mid-cycle due to excess heat.

2. Check the Exhaust Vent – Over time, the exhaust vent can become blocked with lint and similar debris. This can lead to an overheated dryer and ultimately cause it to stop mid-cycle. It’s recommended to have the exhaust vent checked and cleaned regularly to avoid this issue.

3. Clean the Dryer Drum – Dust and old fabric softener residue can accumulate on the dryer drum and cause the dryer to run less efficiently, leading to the dryer stopping mid-cycle. Cleaning it regularly will ensure that the dryer runs as efficiently as possible.

4. Check Connections – The connections between the dryer, the exhaust vent and the power source must all be checked to ensure that everything is securely connected and working correctly. If any of these connections are faulty, the dryer may not work correctly and can potentially stop mid-cycle.

5. Contact a Professional – In some cases, the issue may be more serious and require a professional to troubleshoot and fix the problem. If you think the issue may be more complex than the other steps suggested, contact a reliable appliance repair specialist.

Following these recommendations should help keep your dryer running efficiently, and reduce the risk of it stopping mid-cycle. If the issue persists, contact a professional appliance repair specialist immediately.

Average Repair Cost for ‘Dryer Stops Mid Cycle’ in San Diego

A faulty dryer can cause a great deal of stress and hassle, and a repair can be an expensive proposition. If your dryer stops mid-cycle, you may be concerned about the cost of repairs and willing to take the matter into your own hands. Here, we’ll discuss the average repair cost for a dryer in the city of San Diego.

The minimum repair or installation cost in San Diego stands at $150, while the complex repair or installation cost can reach $350. Depending on the issue, there may be numerous parts needing to be replaced, including the motor, timer, belt, lint filter, drum roller, and tub seal.

The materials needed to replace these parts can range from low to high in cost. Besides the parts, the installation cost includes labor. Depending on the professional you decide to hire, labor will cost anywhere from $35-60 per hour.

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Unexpected Alarm: Dryer Stops Mid Cycle

Having your dryer stops mid cycle can be annoying and inconvenient. Whether your dryer has lost heat, stopped spinning, or has some other issue, a malfunctioning dryer can be a real headache. By getting help right away, you can save yourself time, money, and stress.

Reliable HVAC and Appliance Repair is a local, family-owned San Diego company that can help. Their experienced technicians have a minimum of five years of experience in the field and specialize in dryer issues. From loss of heat to malfunctioning parts, they have the know-how to diagnose and repair your dryer quickly and effectively.

By taking advantage of their same-day service, you’ll minimize downtime and get back to your regular routine as quickly as possible. With fair and affordable pricing and licensed and insured technicians, you can feel comfortable entrusting the job to them. As a first-time customer, you can even get $25 off labor.

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FAQ: What to Do When Your Dryer Stops Mid-Cycle

What Causes a Dryer to Stop Mid-Cycle?

Many causes can lead to a malfunctioning dryer. Common issues include a faulty thermostat, a broken heating element, or a broken motor. Other issues may include a lack of power, clogged venting, overheated dryer, or the presence of a foreign object in the dryer’s drum.

Should I Inspect the Dryer Myself?

It is not recommended to try and diagnose and repair the dryer on your own — doing so can lead to further damage and increased repair costs. A reliable appliance repair specialist will be able to inspect and properly fix your dryer.

How Do I Begin the Diagnosis?

Once you have employed the services of a professional, they will be able to examine the dryer to determine the cause. A technician will typically inspect the heating element, thermostat, or motor to identify any problems.

What Are Some Troubleshooting Tips?

When troubleshooting your dryer, there are some steps you can take. Make sure the power cord connections are secure and the circuit breaker is engaged. Inspect the lint trap, venting, and exterior for items that may be causing blockage.

When Should I Call a Technician?

If any of the above inspections fail to provide a solution, it is important to call a reliable repair specialist to examine the dryer. It is unsafe to attempt to repair a dryer without proper experience and training.

If your dryer stops mid-cycle, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for help!