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What to Do When Your Dryer Wont Start

What to Do When Your Dryer Won’t Start

What to Do When Your Dryer Won't Start

For many people, a broken dryer can be a nightmare. Not only is it incredibly inconvenient, but it can also be costly to repair or replace. Many people don't know what to do when their dryer won't start, so they just give up. In this article, we discuss the steps to take when things go wrong with your dryer and how you can fix it yourself or get professional help.

Check Your Dryer Cord

The first thing to check is the dryer cord. If it's loose, the current won't get through to the appliance. Always check the plugs are plugged in securely and the circuit breaker is on. You should also check the power circuit, fuse, and wiring to make sure it's all working correctly.

Check the Filter

If the power is on but the dryer won't start, it could be due to the filter. The filter prevents lint from backing up into the drum and blocking airflow. The filter should be regularly emptied to keep air circulating and check it for any blockages. If there are any blockages, carefully remove them with a vacuum cleaner and then switch the power back on.

Check Your Settings

The settings on your dryer could be the cause of it not working. Make sure the power switch is switched on and the cycle settings is set correctly. If your dryer has an auto setting, try switching it off and using the manual settings instead.

Check the Drum and Heating Element

If you still can't get your dryer to start, it's time to check the inside. You'll need to open the dryer and check for any signs of damage or debris blocking the drum or heating element. You'll also need to check any hoses as well as the motor, exhaust hose, and any belts attached to the drum.

If you find any issues with the internal parts, it's a sign you need to call an experienced appliance repair service. They can check the dryer in person, diagnose the problem properly, and carry out repairs.

Contact a Professional Appliance Repair Service

If you're still having problems getting your dryer to start, it's time to call a professional service. Local companies like Reliable Appliance Repair can diagnose the problem quickly, identify any underlying issues, and then get to work on the repairs.

When it comes to appliance repairs, it's always best to contact an experienced and trusted service. They can repair your appliance quickly and ensure you don't have any further problems down the line.


If your dryer won't start, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the issue yourself. Start by checking the power cord, filter, and settings before inspecting the inside. If you can't get your dryer to start, contact a professional appliance repair service. They will be able to identify and fix the problem quickly, ensuring your appliance is back up and running as soon as possible.

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What to Do When Your Dryer Won't Start
What to Do When Your Dryer Won't Start
What to Do When Your Dryer Won't Start

Dryer Won't Start

It is important to take preventive action to avoid common dryer issues like dryer won't start. Fortunately, if you live in or near San Diego, you can get recommendations from a local appliance or HVAC technician.

Here are a few recommendations to consider before your dryer won't start:

  1. Check the power source. Make sure the plug is firmly connected and the circuit breaker is on.

  2. Make sure the lint filter is clean. Clear lint and dust to allow the dryer to adequately pull in air.

  3. Check the venting system. Ensure the venting system from the dryer to the outside of the house is clear of debris.

  4. Test the door switch. Make sure the switch is working properly by opening and closing the door and listening for the clicking sound.

  5. Check the thermal fuse. If the fuse has blown, it should be replaced with an identical fuse.

  6. Clean the moisture sensor. Dirt and lint can build up on the sensor and prevent it from working properly.

  7. Inspect the drum seals. Over time, the drum seals can become worn and may need to be replaced.

If these preventive measures don't resolve the issue, it is best to contact a reliable appliance repair company such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222. They can inspect the dryer and diagnose the problem, so it can be fixed quickly and safely.

Advice on the Average Repair Cost for "Dryer Won't Start" in San Diego

Are you having trouble with a dryer not starting in San Diego? Local Reliable Appliance Repair ((866) 516-1222) is here to help with the average repair cost for this common issue. Generally, the minimum repair cost is anywhere between $190 and $290 while a full-service repair could cost up to $600.

Although the exact repair cost will vary depending on the appliance make, model, and year, there are some parts that tend to need the most frequent replacement. In most cases, you'll need to budget for the replacement of the following parts:

  • Heating element: The heating element is the source of heat used in the drying process. However, since it’s normally one of the most heavily used parts, it’s also one of the most common failure points. A replacement for the heating element can typically cost around $95.

  • Thermal fuse: This small device is typically located on the heating element and is designed to cut the power if the element overheats. This is an inexpensive part to replace, with the cost ranging from $8 to $15.

  • Timer: The timer is essential for controlling the dryer cycle, and this part will need to be replaced if it has failed, which could range from $20 to $50.

  • Thermostat: A thermostat regulates the temperature of the dryer, and if it malfunctions, it can cost anywhere between $60 and $90 to replace.

  • Dryer belt: A worn out or broken belt will need to be removed and replaced and the cost of this part can range from $10 to $30.

In some cases, additional parts may be required to repair a dryer that won't start. In order to determine the exact cost of the repair, you'll need to consult a qualified technician.

When it comes to labor cost, the average hourly rate is around $70, with an additional trip charge and/or service call fee in the range of $50.

For the best professional advice on the repair cost for a dryer not starting in San Diego, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.

Dryer Won't Start – Contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair

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FAQ: What to Do When Your Dryer Won't Start?

Q1: How do I reset the dryer?
A1: Unplug the machine and leave it for five minutes. After five minutes, plug it back in and adjust any settings. If it still won't start, check if the vent is clogged and if so, clean it out.

Q2: What if the power cord is bad?
A2: Listen for a humming sound, as that could signify that the power cord is still in good condition. If there is no humming sound, then check the outlet and adapter for any visible damage. Also, check the power cord for any frayed wires.

Q3: What other potential issues can cause a dryer not to start?
A3: If the thermal fuse doesn’t blow, it could be an issue with the drive motor, the operational control board, or the dryer door switch.

Q4: What is the best solution if my dryer is still not working?
A4: If all of your attempts to fix the dryer don't work, it's best to contact a local reliable appliance repair professional. You can contact them at (866) 516-1222 to get help.