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Why Your Maytag Dryer Wont Start Troubleshooting Guide

Why Your Maytag Dryer Won’t Start: Troubleshooting Guide

Why Your Maytag Dryer Won't Start: Troubleshooting Guide

If you're facing a situation where your Maytag dryer won't start, chances are it's not working properly. That's why it's important to take the time to properly troubleshoot the issue. It might be something as simple as a tripped breaker, or something a bit more complex such as a broken door switch. In either case, you should be aware of the potential causes and solutions for fixing your Maytag dryer.

Reasons Your Maytag Dryer May Not Start

Outdated Technologies

When it comes to using older appliances, outdated technologies can be one of the primary reasons a dryer won't start. For instance, if your Maytag dryer has an outdated control board, it could prevent it from operating properly. In such a case, you would need to replace the control board to get the dryer to start.

Poor Wiring

Poor wiring can lead to issues when it comes to appliances such as dryers. If wiring becomes loose, corroded or damaged in some way, this can cause the dryer to cease functioning properly. Inspect the wiring of your Maytag dryer and replace any wires that are damaged to get the dryer running again.

Faulty Handles

Faulty handles can also be a culprit in many cases where a dryer won't start. There are several causes for this problem, such as a broken handle, or a stripped screw or even a burnt wire. The best way to handle this problem is to have a professional appliance repair service come and take a look at the handle, and replace any defective parts as necessary.


When it comes to Maytag dryers, a common problem is the doors not closing all the way. This can be due to broken or stuck door switches which can prevent the dryer from starting. If your Maytag dryer door is not fully closed, it might be time to replace the door switch so you can get the dryer to start.


Another common issue that can cause a Maytag dryer to not start is overheating. Overheating can be caused by a number of reasons, such as clogged airways, faulty heating elements, and even a broken belt. To fix this problem, you'll need to inspect the dryer and identify the cause of the overheating. Once you've identified the cause, you'll need to repair or replace the faulty parts.

Diagnosing Your Maytag Dryer

When it comes to diagnosing your Maytag dryer, there are several steps that you should go through. First, check if the power is connected. Make sure that all the power cords are plugged in, and that the outlets themselves are working. If the power isn't connected, it could be the cause of why your dryer won't start.

Once you've confirmed that the power is connected, you can move on to checking other aspects of the dryer. Make sure that all the doors are closed and that none of the buttons are stuck in the "on" position. If the buttons seem to be stuck, you can try to gently press them back into their proper positions.

If the doors are closing properly, you should also check the lint screen to see if it's clogged up with lint or other debris. If it is, simply clean out the lint screen to give the dryer a better chance of starting.

Finally, check for any visible signs of damage to the dryer. This can include worn out parts, loose wires, or burnt wires. If you find any damage, it will need to be repaired before the dryer can start.

Once you've gone through the diagnostic steps, you should know what might be causing your Maytag dryer to not start. Replacing any broken or faulty parts should get your dryer running again. However, if the problem continues, it might be best to consult with a professional appliance repair service.


No one wants to deal with a dryer that won't start. If you're having this problem with your Maytag dryer, following the steps above can help you diagnose the issue. Make sure that the power is connected and that all the doors are closed properly. Also, check the lint screen and look for any visible signs of damage. If the problem persists, then it's time to call a professional appliance repair service.

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Why Your Maytag Dryer Won't Start: Troubleshooting Guide
Why Your Maytag Dryer Won't Start: Troubleshooting Guide
Why Your Maytag Dryer Won't Start: Troubleshooting Guide

Tips to Avoid Maytag Dryer Not Starting Issues

It is recommended to contact a local and reliable appliance repair technician, such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair, if a Maytag Dryer isn’t starting to avoid any potential problems. Additionally, here is a list of tips to keep in mind to help prevent Maytag Dryer not starting issues.

Unplugging and Plugging Back the Dryer

Oftentimes, Maytag Dryer not starting can be caused by a clogged-up thermistor or thermostat, or a faulty motor. To determine if a clog or fault is the cause, try unplugging and plugging the dryer from the power source and see if the problem remains.

Cleaning the Lint Screen

Clogged lint screens can prevent a Maytag Dryer from turning on. To ensure that this isn’t the problem, clean the lint screen regularly, removing any dirt or buildup.

Resetting the Breaker

A tripped electrical breaker can cause a Maytag Dryer to not turn on. Try resetting the breaker by flipping it off and then back on. If the dryer still won’t start, then the cause of the problem may be more complex and should be looked at by a professional technician.

Check the Cycling Thermostat

A bad cycling thermostat can prevent a Maytag Dryer from turning on. Check the part for any burned-out spots or other damage. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, contact a repair technician to have it replaced.

Replacing the Thermal Fuse

A bad thermal fuse can cause a Maytag Dryer to stop working. If the thermal fuse is tripped or burned out, try replacing it. If the fuse continues to trip, call a professional technician to investigate further.

Taking the above steps can help to identify and prevent Maytag dryer not starting issues. However, if the problem persists, contact a local appliance repair professional to identify and fix the issue quickly, safely, and effectively.

Repairing the "Maytag Dryer Not Starting" Problem in San Diego

Often, a Maytag dryer not starting is due to an electrical malfunction or a detached connection. Professional appliance technicians like those at Local Reliable Appliance Repair could be of help. Here’s an in-depth look at the costs for repair services in San Diego.

The minimum repair fee in the city is typically estimated to be around $80. This cost would cover basic issues like tripped breakers, power outages and machine non-responsiveness.

For complex repairs and installations, the average cost of the service is expected to be circa $200. This includes many issues like control panel misbehaviour, faulty wiring, and weak or blocked airflow.

These costs may vary depending on the area of San Diego and the severity of the malfunction. It is also important to consider any additional costs like the replacement of parts. Below is an itemized list of the most commonly replaced parts and their associated repair costs:
* Gas Solenoid Valve Assembly – $100
* Gas Burner – $100
* Heating Element Assembly – $90
* Drum Roller – $50
* Dryer Belt – $50
* Thermostat – $45
* Clutch Assembly – $85

Moreover, the cost of materials is likely to be around $10 to $20.

For professional and reliable advice and service, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair.

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FAQ: Why Your Maytag Dryer Won't Start – Troubleshooting Guide and Maytag Dryer Not Starting

Q: What are the common causes of the Maytag dryer not starting?

Faulty power supply, jammed door switch, broken thermal fuse, defective start switch, or damaged timer can be the reasons why your Maytag dryer won't start.

Q: What should I do if the Maytag dryer won't start?

First, check all related wiring and ensure power is supplied to the dryer. Make sure the door switch is not jammed and that the thermal fuse, start switch, and timer are not defective. For any of these issues, you may need to replace the defective parts.

Q: How can I reset the dryer?

Disconnect the power source from the dryer and wait for at least five minutes. Then, reconnect the power source to the dryer, and press the start/stop button. If the dryer does not start, you may need to perform additional troubleshooting.

Q: What should I do if the Maytag dryer still won't start?

If the Maytag dryer still won't start, it's time to consult a professional appliance repair service. Timely service calls can extend the life of any appliance. Contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for expert help.