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AC Not Turning On but Not Tripping Breaker: What to Check

Reliable Appliance & HVAC Helps John Doe with His AC That Won’t Turn On But Doesn’t Trip the Breaker

Hey there, John! Are you feeling the heat? Sorry to hear about that AC of yours acting up. Let’s figure out what’s going on and get you back to a cool and comfortable home. In this article, we’ll introduce your fellow 5th graders to the basics of HVAC, provide a real-life example of a customer who had the same problem, and explain how Reliable Appliance & HVAC helped to solve it.

The Basics of HVAC

First, let’s define HVAC. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Almost every building, whether it’s a house, school, or office, has an HVAC system. The purpose of an HVAC system is to maintain a comfortable and livable environment by controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality. We keep the house warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and make sure the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

There are many different types of HVAC systems, but today we’ll be focusing on Central Air Conditioning. A central AC system circulates cool air throughout your home using a network of ducts and vents. A single AC unit, located outside your house, cools the refrigerant liquid, which is then transported through the ducts to the indoor unit, where the cool air is distributed.

John’s AC Problem

Now comes the fun part! Let’s introduce our friend John Doe, who lives in [random location]. John has a [random brand] central AC unit, which he installed a few years ago. Recently, John noticed that his AC wasn’t working properly. The air coming out of the vents was room temperature, not cold like it should be. John checked the thermostat, but everything looked fine. He also checked the circuit breaker, but it wasn’t tripped.

How Reliable Appliance & HVAC Helped

John decided to call Reliable Appliance & HVAC for help. Our technician, [random technician name], arrived the same day to take a look at John’s AC. The technician asked a few questions about the problem, including when John first noticed the issue and if he had done any troubleshooting on his own.

The technician then went to work, using a variety of tools to test the various components of John’s AC unit. After a few minutes, the technician found the problem: a faulty capacitor. The capacitor is a small, cylindrical component that stores electrical energy and helps to jump-start the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the refrigerant liquid.

The technician explained to John that the faulty capacitor was preventing the compressor from starting, which is why the AC wasn’t blowing cold air. The technician provided a quote for the repair, which included the cost of the new capacitor, as well as the cost of labor.

Table of Costs

Part Material Labor
Capacitor $80.00 $100.00

Customer Feedback

John was happy with the technician’s diagnosis and the quote for the repair. He appreciated the fact that the technician took the time to explain what was wrong and how it could be fixed. John decided to go ahead with the repair and scheduled an appointment for the following day.

After the technician installed the new capacitor, John’s AC was back up and running, blowing cold air once again. John was delighted with the prompt and professional service he received from Reliable Appliance & HVAC, and even left a positive review on our website.


So there you have it, folks! If your AC isn’t blowing cold air and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped, chances are you have a faulty component in your unit. Don’t try to fix it on your own! Give Reliable Appliance & HVAC a call, and we’ll send a friendly and experienced technician to diagnose and repair the problem. Thanks for reading, and stay cool!

AC Not Turning On but Not Tripping Breaker: What to Check
AC Not Turning On but Not Tripping Breaker: What to Check
AC Not Turning On but Not Tripping Breaker: What to Check

Tips to Prevent Your AC from Not Turning On but Not Tripping Breaker

Summertime is here, and the last thing anyone wants is an AC that isn’t working correctly. AC not turning on but not tripping breaker can be a headache because it’s not immediately clear what the issue is. To help you out, we’ve put together this article with advice on how to prevent this issue from happening in the first place.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid AC not turning on but not tripping breaker issues is by scheduling regular maintenance. HVAC experts recommend having your AC checked and serviced every six months. This way, the technician can spot any potential issues before they become major problems. During routine maintenance visits, the AC technician will replace filters, clean coils and drainage lines and check your refrigerant levels.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, the issue of an AC not turning on but not tripping breaker could be as simple as incorrect thermostat settings. If the thermostat is not set to the right temperature, it can cause the AC to malfunction. Double-check that the thermostat is set to the right temperature and on the right setting.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor AC unit can accumulate debris and dirt on the fan blades, coil, and blades during its operation. This can cause your AC to not work correctly, leading to an AC not turning on but not tripping breaker issue. To avoid this, we recommend cleaning the outdoor unit at least once every few months. Clear away any debris, dust, or grass clippings that may have accumulated.

Check Your Electrical Circuit

If none of the above solutions work, there’s a chance that something is wrong with the electrical circuit that powers your AC. We don’t recommend troubleshooting this problem yourself unless you have experience with electrical circuitry. Any electrical repair or maintenance should be done by a licensed technician.

Call the Local Reliable Appliance & HVAC at (866) 516-1222

Reliable Appliance & HVAC has been in the HVAC industry since 1985, and our technicians are knowledgeable about all the common issues that can arise with an AC. We offer a range of services that include routine maintenance, repair works, and AC installation. Our certified experts will diagnose the issue and provide you with a quote.


Overall, it’s essential to be proactive about AC maintenance to avoid AC not turning on but not tripping breaker issues. Make sure you schedule regular maintenance visits, double-check your thermostat settings, and keep your outdoor unit clean. For any electrical issues, contact Reliable Appliance & HVAC, where our experts can help you solve the problem. Remember, prevention is better than cure- always stay on top of maintenance to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer.

Reliable Appliance & HVAC | AC Not Turning On But Not Tripping Breaker: Average Repair Costs

Are you feeling the heat and sweating profusely because your AC is not turning on? Don’t panic yet! This is a common issue that many homeowners experience at some point in their lives. However, you need to take quick action and call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem before it worsens.

At Reliable Appliance & HVAC, we understand the frustration and discomfort that come with a malfunctioning AC system. That’s why we’re here to help you out. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to come to your rescue and fix the issue in the shortest possible time.

Minimum Repair Cost

If your AC is not turning on but not tripping the breaker, the issue could be related to the thermostat, capacitor, or the contactor. In most cases, these parts may only require a quick adjustment or replacement, which is generally considered as a simple repair.

Based on the current market prices, homeowners in San Diego can expect to pay a minimum of $150 for a simple repair, including labor and materials. However, please note that prices are up 20% now due to the pandemic.

Complex Repair Cost

If the problem is related to the compressor, motor or the electrical system, the repair cost could be higher. In some cases, you may even need to replace the entire AC unit or any necessary parts, which can be quite complex.

On average, the complex AC repair cost in San Diego varies between $800 to $1500, depending on the extent of the damage, your brand’s model, and parts required. Keep in mind that our customers have found that replacing your AC system may be a better option than repairing an old, worn-out unit.

Materials Cost

Aside from labor cost, the materials cost required for the repair or installation are important factors that could affect the total expenses incurred. We always provide a fully-itemized estimate before any service is performed that outlines the cost of necessary repairs and installations.

For example, if the issue is related to the capacitor or contactor, the material cost can go from $50 to $180, while a compressor or motor replacement could range from $400 to $1000. Our technicians are trained to be knowledgeable enough in various makes and models so you can trust the quality of the parts we use.

Call Reliable Appliance & HVAC today!

In conclusion, if you’re facing an AC not turning on but not tripping breaker issue, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We know how to deal with any HVAC-related issues, so you can trust us to get your AC system back up and running in no time.

With Reliable Appliance & HVAC, you can expect friendly and timely service with an experienced team of professionals, a commitment to your satisfaction, and honest pricing. Call us now at (866) 516-1222, or use our HTML click-to-call feature on our website. We’re always ready to help you when you need us most!

AC Not Turning On But Not Tripping Breaker: What You Need to Know

Is your AC system not turning on, but not tripping the breaker either? This can be a common issue that many San Diego residents experience during the hot summer months. However, don’t sweat it! Reliable Appliance & HVAC is here to help you out.

As a family-owned company in San Diego, Reliable Appliance & HVAC offers local same-day service for all your appliance and HVAC needs. Our highly trained technicians have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field and deal with AC not turning on but not tripping breaker constantly.

So, what are the benefits of choosing Reliable Appliance & HVAC as your local vendor company? For starters, we offer fair and affordable pricing for all our services. We understand that an unexpected repair bill can cause a strain on your finances, which is why we strive to keep our pricing reasonable.

We are also licensed, insured, and offer same-day services. We know that a broken AC system can make your home uncomfortable, which is why we make sure to provide our services as soon as we can. Additionally, we offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs, so you can rest easy knowing that you are fully covered if any problems arise.

If you are a first-time customer, we offer $25 off your repair costs. We understand that trying out a new HVAC vendor can be a bit nerve-wracking, which is why we want to make it easier for you to choose us.

So, why is your AC not turning on but not tripping breaker? There could be various reasons for this issue. It could be a problem with the thermostat, compressor, fan motor, capacitor, or even the circuit board.

When you call Reliable Appliance & HVAC for this issue, our technicians will arrive promptly to run diagnostics. We will ensure that we thoroughly check all possible causes of the issue to provide an accurate diagnosis. Afterward, we will offer a quote that outlines the parts, material, and labor costs.

To give you an idea of pricing, here is a table for the cost of the repair for a central AC system located in the backyard:

Part Name Brand Name Price
Thermostat Honeywell $90
Compressor Carrier $1200
Fan Motor Trane $400
Capacitor Ruud $85
Circuit Board Goodman $250

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change based on the brand factory recommendations and additional factors discovered during diagnostics.

In conclusion, if your AC system is not turning on but not tripping breaker, don’t hesitate to call Reliable Appliance & HVAC. With our fair pricing, same-day service, and experienced technicians, we guarantee that you will not regret choosing us as your local vendor company. Give us a call at (866) 516-1222 today and let us take care of your HVAC needs.

FAQ: AC Not Turning On but Not Tripping Breaker

Q: My AC is not turning on, but the breaker is not tripping. What could the problem be?

A: There could be several reasons why your AC is not turning on but not tripping the breaker. It could be a faulty thermostat, a malfunctioning capacitor, a clogged air filter, or a faulty compressor.

Q: How do I check if the thermostat is the issue?

A: First, ensure that the thermostat is set to cool and the temperature is below the current room temperature. Next, check the batteries and replace them if necessary. If the problem persists, try resetting the thermostat. If none of these steps work, it may be a faulty thermostat that needs to be replaced.

Q: What should I do if it’s a faulty capacitor?

A: A faulty capacitor is often caused by wear and tear or a power surge. It’s recommended to call a professional HVAC technician to replace the capacitor as it is hazardous and requires specialized equipment to ensure safety and accuracy.

Q: How often should I change my air filter?

A: It’s recommended to change your air filter every three months, or sooner if you have pets or allergies. A clogged air filter can restrict airflow and cause your AC to malfunction.

Q: Can a faulty compressor cause my AC not to turn on?

A: Yes, a faulty compressor can cause your AC not to turn on or cool effectively. Signs of a faulty compressor include strange noises or a burning smell coming from the AC unit. It’s crucial to call a professional HVAC technician to diagnose and fix any compressor issues.

If you have checked these common issues and your AC still isn’t turning on, it’s time to call in the experts. Local Reliable Appliance Repair, established in 1985, has a team of experienced HVAC technicians available to diagnose and fix any AC issues. Call us today at (866) 516-1222 to schedule a service call.