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Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

Energy Efficiency Ratio: How Reliable Appliance & HVAC Can Save You Money

Hey! Did you know that your AC can be costing you more money than it should? That’s right, folks. Your Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) could be out of whack, and you might not even know it! But don’t worry – Reliable Appliance & HVAC has got your back.

Let us tell you a story about one of our customers, John Smith, who lives in sunny California. One day, John noticed that his AC wasn’t keeping his house as cool as it used to. Worried about his energy bill, John gave us a call, and we sent one of our expert technicians over to check it out.

Upon arrival, our technician ran some diagnostics and found that John’s EER was much lower than it should be. The EER is a measurement of an AC unit’s cooling output in relation to the energy it uses. A higher EER means that you’re getting more cooling for the same amount of energy used, which saves you money in the long run.

After discussing options with John, our technician recommended that he upgrade his current AC to a newer, more efficient model. We provided John with a detailed quote that included brand-specific parts, materials, and labor costs so he knew exactly what he was paying for.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

Part/Service Cost
New AC Unit $1,000
Installation Labor $500
Brand-Specific Parts $200
Total $1,700

John was hesitant at first, but after running the numbers and seeing how much money he would save on his energy bill each month, he decided it was worth it. We installed his new AC unit quickly and efficiently, and John’s house has been much cooler ever since.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what John had to say about his experience with Reliable Appliance & HVAC:

“I was really impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the Reliable Appliance & HVAC technician who came to my house. He explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand, and I appreciated the detailed quote I received. The installation was quick, and I’ve already noticed a big difference in my energy bill. Thanks, Reliable!”

At Reliable Appliance & HVAC, we are committed to helping our customers save money and stay comfortable in their homes. That’s why we always recommend upgrading to a more efficient AC if you’re experiencing issues with your EER.

In fact, the government recommends that all households with a central AC unit should have an EER of at least 14. If your EER is lower than that, you could be missing out on major savings. Plus, newer, more efficient models are better for the environment, so it’s a win-win.

So, if you’re experiencing issues with your AC or you just want to make sure that your EER is up to par, give us a call at Reliable Appliance & HVAC. We’ll send one of our expert technicians over to take a look and provide you with a detailed quote.

Saving you money and keeping you cool – that’s what we do best.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

How to Improve Your Energy Efficiency Ratio and Avoid Costly Issues

Are you tired of wasting money on high energy bills? The key to saving money on energy costs is to improve your Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Your EER is the ratio of cooling output to energy consumption, and the higher the ratio, the more efficient your air conditioning unit is. Here are some tips from local appliance companies and HVAC technicians to help you improve your EER and avoid costly issues down the line:

1. Regular Maintenance

One of the simplest ways to improve your EER is to schedule regular maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician. They can check the system for any leaks, ensure proper refrigerant levels, and clean any debris from the unit. This not only improves your EER but also prolongs the life of your HVAC system.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature to adjust automatically when you are away from your home or sleeping, saving energy and money. Local appliance companies recommend setting the thermostat to 78°F during the summer months to save on energy costs.

3. Seal Leaks

Another way to improve your EER is to seal up any leaks or drafts around the doors and windows. This keeps cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter, which reduces both your energy bills and energy consumption.

4. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows can help reduce sun damage and block UV rays, which can reduce energy bills up to 25%. Consider upgrading your windows to Energy Star rated double-pane windows, which help keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

5. Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Dirty air filters reduce airflow and decrease the system’s efficiency. Local appliance companies recommend replacing your air filters every two to three months to improve the EER and prolong the life of your HVAC system.

By taking these simple steps, you can improve your EER and save money on your energy bills. Don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician from Reliable Appliance & HVAC Company to ensure your system is running efficiently.

For further assistance, call our team at (866) 516-1222. We are always available to help improve the EER of your HVAC system and provide quality services tailored to your unique needs.

The Truth About Energy Efficiency Ratio Repair Costs

Are you experiencing issues with your Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)? Do you have no idea what the average repair cost for EER issues is? Look no further than Reliable Appliance & HVAC in sunny San Diego!

At Reliable Appliance & HVAC, we understand the struggles that come with repairing or installing an EER. That’s why we are committed to giving you the best professional advice and providing you with the most affordable solution.

EER Repair Cost Breakdown

When it comes to EER repair costs, the minimum cost would be around $1000, assuming prices are up 20% now. If you’re looking for a complex repair or installation, expect to pay around $1500.

In terms of parts necessary for the repair, it all depends on what’s causing the issue with your EER. Our technicians will run a comprehensive diagnostic on your system and inform you of any additional costs you may incur.

Itemized List of Repair Costs

We understand that transparency is important when it comes to repair costs. That’s why we provide a clear, itemized list of costs for all our services. Below is an example of the costs you can expect for EER repairs or installations:

Parts/Materials Cost
Energy Star Compliant Central A/C $800
HVAC Labor $275
Electrical Wiring $150
Additional Parts Varies

Note that these prices are subject to change based on the complexity of the job, the type of A/C unit installed, and the brand of the parts used.

Why Choose Reliable Appliance & HVAC

At Reliable Appliance & HVAC, we have a team of experienced technicians that are ready to tackle any EER issue you may be facing. Our technicians are prompt, professional, and always show up on time. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best service possible, and we don’t consider the job done until you’re satisfied with the results.

We also stock all the necessary parts and equipment for any job, which helps us complete repairs and installations faster, meaning less downtime for you.

Call Us Now to Schedule Your EER Repairs

Don’t let a malfunctioning EER ruin your summer! Call Reliable Appliance & HVAC today at (866) 516-1222 to schedule a repair or installation. Our team is ready to help you enjoy the cool comfort of your home once again.

Energy Efficiency Ratio: What You Need to Know

Are you tired of high energy bills? It’s time to start thinking about your Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the energy efficiency of your cooling system. A high EER means your system is using energy efficiently and lowering your energy bills. That’s why Reliable Appliance & HVAC, a family-owned business in San Diego, emphasizes the importance of EER to our customers.

The Benefits of Reliable Appliance & HVAC

We understand that having a cooling system with a high EER is important to our customers. That’s why we offer fair and affordable pricing for our high-quality repair and installation services. Our highly trained technicians with a minimum of 5 years experience in the field deal with Energy Efficiency Ratio constantly.

As a licensed and insured same-day service provider, we guarantee a 90-day warranty on all repairs. And if you’re a first-time customer, we offer $25 off repair costs.

How We Helped John Smith Improve His EER

John Smith was experiencing high energy bills due to his central AC, located in his rooftop, having a low EER. He called Reliable Appliance & HVAC, and we promptly sent our experienced technician, Jack, to diagnose the issue.

Jack arrived at Mr. Smith’s residence, and began evaluating the AC system. He quickly identified a malfunctioning part, which was causing the low EER. Jack quoted the cost of replacement parts, materials, and labor:

Part Material Labor
Brand Name Part $180.00 $120.00
Brand Name Part $120.00 $80.00
Brand Name Part $80.00 $40.00

Total Cost: $620.00

After explaining the issue to Mr. Smith, he agreed to replace the parts, and Jack completed the repair work. Once the repair work was completed, Jack confirmed a significant increase in the EER. Mr. Smith was thrilled with the results, and his energy bills decreased significantly.


Reliable Appliance & HVAC is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable services to improve the EER of AC systems in San Diego. Our experienced technicians understand the importance of EER and work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best services possible. Don’t let high energy bills affect your budget. Give us a call, and we’ll help you improve your EER.

FAQ: Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio

What is Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)?

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is a measurement of how effectively your air conditioner or HVAC system operates in relation to the amount of energy that it consumes. This ratio is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of your unit by the amount of electricity used in watts per hour. A higher EER rating indicates that your air conditioner is more energy-efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.

What is a good EER rating for an air conditioner?

A good EER rating for an air conditioner is around 12-15. The higher the EER rating, the more energy efficient your unit is. For example, if your air conditioner has an EER rating of 20, it is considered a highly energy-efficient system. Choosing a system with a higher EER rating may be more expensive initially, but it will ultimately save you money on your energy bills.

How does the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) impact my energy bills?

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) impacts your energy bills by determining how efficiently your air conditioner operates. The higher the EER rating, the more energy-efficient your unit will be, resulting in lower energy bills. For example, if your unit has an EER rating of 15, it will be 50% more energy-efficient than a unit with an EER rating of 10. By choosing a unit with a higher EER rating, you can save significant amounts of money on your monthly energy bills.

How can I improve the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of my air conditioner?

You can improve the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of your air conditioner by performing regular maintenance and servicing. This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, checking and cleaning coils, and keeping your outdoor unit clear of debris. You can also consider upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient unit with a higher EER rating to save even more money on your energy bills.

Why should I choose a system with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)?

Choosing a system with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is a wise decision for many reasons. A higher EER rating indicates that your unit is more energy-efficient, which will ultimately save you money on your energy bills. Additionally, energy-efficient systems are better for the environment by reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainability, and conserving natural resources. At Reliable Appliance & HVAC, our technicians can help you choose the right system with the highest EER rating for your specific needs.

If you have any other questions about Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or are experiencing issues with your air conditioner or HVAC system, please don’t hesitate to contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222. Our experienced technicians will be happy to assist you.