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Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes A Handy Guide

Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes: A Handy Guide

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Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes: A Handy Guide

The modern home is full of appliances and machines, many of which are connected to and connecting to our homes wifi networks. One of the most important pieces of equipment in the home is the furnace. It serves to ensure comfortable temperatures no matter what the weather, and it is essential that the furnace is running correctly all the time.

When something goes wrong with your furnace, you may see error codes displayed on the control panel. These codes are used to let you know that something is wrong and that it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Trane furnaces are no exception, and they display their own unique error codes if something is wrong. In this article, we will explain how to decode Trane furnace error codes so you can diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible.

What Are Common Trane Furnace Error Codes?

When a Trane furnace identifies a problem with its inner workings, it will display an error code on the control panel. There are a number of different codes that can be displayed, depending on what the problem is. Some of the most common codes are:

  • 24 – This code is used to indicate that the furnace is not igniting or operating properly. This can be caused by an issue with the gas valve, the pressure switch, or the igniter.

  • 31 – This code indicates that the pressure switch is not functioning properly. This can occur when the pressure switch is stuck in the closed position.

  • 32 – This code indicates that the pressure switch is stuck in the open position. This can indicate a blockage in the system or a leak in the heat exchanger.

  • 59 – This code indicates that the blower motor is not functioning properly. This can occur if the motor is not receiving the correct amount of power or if the blower wheel is loose.

How Can I Decode Trane Furnace Error Codes?

Now that we understand the common error codes, let's discuss how to decode these codes to determine the exact nature of the issue. The first step is to find the error code on the furnace's control panel. Once you have located the code, you can then use the owner's manual to narrow down the exact cause of the issue.

The owner's manual should have a section dedicated to explaining the various codes and their meanings. In this section, you will be able to find a detailed explanation of the specific code and the steps you need to take to resolve the issue. Once you have identified the issue, you can then make the appropriate repairs or call a licensed technician to take care of the issue for you.

How Can I Avoid Error Codes In The Future?

Now that we have discussed how to decode error codes, it is important to also mention how you can avoid them in the future. As with any machine, regular maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure that it remains in top working order. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your furnace is inspected regularly and maintained properly.

This can include changing the air filters, cleaning the blower wheel, and ensuring the thermostat is working properly. Additionally, it is important to ensure that your furnace is installed and set up correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Doing so can help you to avoid running into any issues in the future.


Furnaces are an essential part of the modern home, and it can be extremely frustrating when something goes wrong with them. If you find yourself with a Trane furnace that is displaying an error code, the above guide should help you identify what the issue is and help you take the necessary steps to fix it. Additionally, by following the steps outlined above, you can help to ensure that your furnace remains in top working order for years to come.
If you wish to read more information about Trane furnace error codes, visit the AC Installation and Repair Website, or call a Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for more help.

Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes: A Handy Guide
Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes: A Handy Guide
Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes: A Handy Guide

Trane Furnace Error Codes: Prevention and Maintenance Tips

When it comes to Trane furnace error codes, preventive action is key. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and completion of regular inspections by a qualified local HVAC specialist can help to ensure your Trane furnace carries on working optimally and error-free. For an itemized list of preventative maintenance measures to avoid Trane furnace error codes, please consider the following:

Check the Air Filter

Regularly check the condition of the air filter in the furnace cabinet and change it as needed, usually at least twice a year. If the filter is clogged or dirty, it will impede airflow, reducing furnace efficiency and causing it to overheat, which in turn can cause Trane furnace error codes to present.

Check All Electrical Connections

Inspect electrical connections over time and ensure they are secure to prevent loose connections. Loose connections can interrupt the flow of electricity and increase the risk of furnace failure, producing error codes.

Clean the Blower

Ensure the blower is kept clean by removing dust or debris. Dirt buildup in the blower can reduce airflow through the furnace and reduce its efficiency, resulting in Trane furnace error codes.

Inspect Wiring

Check that wiring is securely connected and free from corrosion. Corroded wiring can cause short circuits and lead to Trane furnace error codes.

Inspect the Heat Exchanger

Make sure the heat exchanger is free from cracks or other damage that can compromise the operation of the furnace and cause Trane furnace error codes.

Conduct a Carbon Monoxide Check

Verify that the carbon monoxide detector is in good working order. If there are any gas leaks, this can create a risk of carbon monoxide buildup, which can be dangerous and will trigger error codes on the furnace.

By performing regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance of your Trane furnace, its working life will be extended and the risk of error codes greatly reduced. However, always have repairs and maintenance conducted by a qualified HVAC technician to ensure a safe working environment and to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on the furnace.

Average Repair Cost for Trane Furnace Error Codes in San Diego

For common Trane furnace error codes repairs and installations in San Diego, the minimum cost is typically around $150 for minor repairs, with complex repairs and installations running up to $800 or more.

Most commonly replaced parts for Trane furnace repairs/installations in San Diego include:

  • Thermostat: around $75.
  • Motor: around $200.
  • Blower: around $300.
  • Fan Belt: around $50.
  • Heat Exchanger: around $450.
  • Ignition Control Module: around $125.
  • Gas Valve: around $125.
  • Compressor: around $400.

In terms of labor costs, the rate is typically around $90/hour. Materials can range from $20–$100, depending on the few parts/materials that may be necessary.

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Solving Trane Furnace Error Codes with Reliable

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FAQ — Decoding Trane Furnace Error Codes: A Handy Guide and Trane Furnace Error Codes

What are Trane furnace error codes?

Error codes indicate an issue with Trane furnaces, such as an insufficient airflow or faulty temperature sensors. They appear after a system diagnostic and are used to diagnose and repair the furnace.

What are the common Trane furnace error codes?

Some of the more frequent error codes include:

  • E0: This shows that the furnace has to be reset.
  • E1: This indicates an ignition problem.
  • E5: This means the temperature limit has been exceeded.
  • E6: This indicates an airflow issue.
  • E7: This shows that the furnace is not heating adequately.
  • E9: This indicates a blower motor failure.

What can I do if I am unable to decode my Trane furnace’s error code?

If you are unsure how to interpret your Trane furnace's error code, it's best to consult a professional. Contact a local appliance repair company, like Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for assistance.