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How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor

How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor

How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor

When the Goodman furnace starts showing problems like inefficient heating, frequent shutdown, or pilot light problems, it's time to take a look at the flame sensor. The flame sensor, also known as a heat anticipator, is responsible for keeping the heat balanced in the home and preventing your system from overheating.

The Purpose of the Flame Sensor

The Goodman furnace flame sensor detects the presence of the flame, and when the flame is no longer there, it will tell the control board to switch off the furnace to avoid any potential damages, like safety hazards caused by gas leakage or fire hazards caused by an appliance that isn't efficiently doing its job. It is therefore important to keep the flame of your Goodman furnace clean and in good working order.

How to Locate and Troubleshoot the Flame Sensor

In order to locate the flame sensor, you will need to first disconnect the power supply to the furnace. After doing so, you should remove the door of the furnace. This will allow you to have better access to the flame sensor. It is typically located near the burner assembly on the side of the furnace.

Once the flame sensor is visible, you should check for any signs of build-up or rust. If any of these are present, it may be necessary to clean the flame sensor. This can be done by using a wire brush or a damp cloth. After cleaning, you should reattach the flame sensor and restart the furnace. If the furnace continues to display the same symptoms, there may be further damage to the flame sensor that needs to be addressed by a qualified professional.

What to Look for During a Flame Sensor Inspection

When inspecting the flame sensor, the most important thing to look for is any evidence of corrosion or build-up around the sensor. If you find evidence of corrosion or build-up, it is likely that the flame sensor will not be working properly. Additionally, you should also check for any cracks or other signs of physical damage. If the sensor is damaged in any way, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Finally, it is important to make sure that the flame sensor is correctly installed and aligned. If it is not correctly installed and aligned, the furnace may not be able to detect the flame correctly and you could be at risk of an accident.

Goodman furnace flame sensors can be tricky to troubleshoot, so it is important to keep a vigilant eye on them and to take the necessary steps to maintain their efficiency. You can always contact your local, reliable appliance repair expert at (866) 516-1222 for help with diagnosing and repairing your Goodman furnace flame sensor if needed. If you wish to read more information about Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair, you can go to

How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor
How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor
How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor

Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair – Preventive Action

PLEASE Take Proactive Measures to Avoid Potential Issues:

  1. Change the filter regularly: One of the most crucial preventive actions to avoid Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair issues is to change the filter regularly. This should be done every two to three months. A clogged filter allows dirt and debris to accumulate and reach the sensor, causing it to malfunction.

  2. Monitor the thermostat: It’s important to monitor the thermostat closely as this can be used to identify any fluctuations in temperature that may indicate a problem. If you notice an increase or decrease of more than five degrees, this could indicate a possible issue with the sensor and should be addressed accordingly.

  3. Clean the components: Cleaning the components of the Goodman Furnace regularly is a simple preventive action that should be done to avoid any potential issues arising. This includes cleaning the flame sensor, burners, fan, and heat exchanger.

  4. Check for any blockages: Make sure to check for any blockages or obstructions in the Goodman Furnace that may be causing the sensor to malfunction or not function at all. Clean out any debris or dust that may have accumulated over time.

  5. Schedule regular maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for the overall health and function of the Goodman Furnace. A certified technician can inspect the sensor for any damages, clean and lubricate the parts, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair is an important diagnostic process to ensure proper function of the Goodman Furnace. Following the list of preventive measures above, you can maintain the flame sensor in tip-top condition and avoid any potential repairs in the future.

Advice on Repair Cost for Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor

Generally, the average repair cost for Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair in San Diego ranges from a low-cost repair of $123 to a complex cost of $200. However, it is recommended to call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at 866-516-1222 before deciding on the repair cost.

For any repair, the major components that will be needed are a flame sensor, a thermostat and a professional repair service, with labor charges typically varying according to the complexity of the repair. For a basic, low-cost repair, a technician may need to replace the flame sensor, and check the thermostat and wall wiring to ensure the safe functioning of the furnace.

In addition, the cost of the needed materials may differ significantly according to the county or city. Therefore, it is important to confirm the cost with the technician prior to the repair. Complex repairs include repairs that require more extensive work such as replacing faulty lines, replacing broken parts, replacing a thermostat and wiring, and so on.

Overall, to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair in San Diego, it is advised to call a professional reliable appliance repair service such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair at tel: (866)516-1222 and check the thermostat and wiring.

Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair Made Easy

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FAQ: How to Fix a Faulty Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor and Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor Repair

What is a Flame Sensor?

A flame sensor is a safety device within a Goodman furnace. It detects the presence of a flame to ensure the furnace is working properly and is safe to operate.

What causes the Flame Sensor to become faulty?

A faulty flame sensor can be caused by several things: dirt or dust buildup, oxidation, corrosion, incorrect installation, or a failed part.

How do I inspect my Flame Sensor?

Inspect the flame sensor for any visible damage or corrosion, then check for any buildup of dirt or dust. If all looks okay, then check for a voltage signal from the furnace to make sure the flame sensor is working correctly.

How do I replace the Flame Sensor?

The flame sensor should be replaced if it is faulty. Unscrew the old flame sensor and remove it for proper disposal. Clean the area around the flame sensor mount and install the new flame sensor. Connect the wires to the new flame sensor and secure it in place.

Can I install the Flame Sensor myself?

It is possible to install the flame sensor yourself, however any electrical or gas related component of a furnace should be handled with caution. The safest way to install it is to call a qualified technician.

Can I repair the Flame Sensor myself?

If the problem is due to dirt or dust buildup, it can usually be cleaned off with compressed air. However, if the flame sensor is corroded, it must be replaced.

For any further assistance with faulty Goodman furnace flame sensors or Goodman furnace flame sensor repairs, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at tel:(866) 516-1222.