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Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working Try These Fixes

Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working? Try These Fixes

Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working? Try These Fixes

Are you dealing with a Rheem furnace blower that won't work? It can be frustrating trying to figure out what is wrong with your furnace but rest assured, you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to provide all the answers you may need to get your furnace up and running. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business, knowing what to do when the dreaded ‘blower won’t work’ happens will help avoid costly repair bills.

Understanding the Basics of Rheem Furnace Blower Motors

Before getting into the repair process, it's important to understand how an Rheem furnace blower motor works and what parts are involved. In a basic Rheem system, the blower motor is attached to one stationary wheel and a rotating wheel. The motor is powered by electricity and has a fan that creates an air flow inside the furnace. The cooling and heating are done through the use of these air flowing and wheel movements.

Troubleshooting a Furnace Blower That Won’t Work

If you’re experiencing a blower issue, it may be because of one of the following:

  • No power or a loose wiring connection
  • Defective run capacitor
  • Blocked or misplaced fan assembly
  • Blower wheel out of sync

Before you begin any troubleshooting, it’s important to shut off the power to the furnace. This will help avoid potential shocks or sudden movements.

Check for Power

The first step is to check that the blower motor has power. Are all the wires connected properly? Is the circuit breaker working properly? If neither is true, this could be the issue.

Inspect Run Capacitor

Next, use a multitester to inspect the run capacitor. It is possible that the run capacitor has short circuited. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the entire capacitor to restore the blower’s function.

Look at the Fan Assembly

The fan assembly can become blocked or misplaced. If the air coming through the assembly is obstructed, it will cause the blower motor to work harder than it should which can result in the fan not working. Remove any debris, returning the fan blade to its position if necessary.

Check the Blower Wheel

If the fan assembly is ok, the final culprit may be the blower wheel. Inspect the wheel to make sure it is in place and in sync with the remainder of the system. Make sure the fan belt is intact. If it’s loose or missing, the replacement of the fan belt is necessary.

Get Professional Help

Inspecting and troubleshooting your Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working can be a daunting task. If you have done everything you can and the system is still not functioning properly, it may be time to get in touch with a professional. If a technician is unable to properly identify the issue and take care of it, then it may be a sign of a larger issue, such as an electrical issue or gas leak. Don’t put your safety on the line—call a professional HVAC technician to come by and properly diagnose and repair the issue.

If you wish to read more information about Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working, click here. Additionally, if you're in the San Diego area and need professional help with a furnace that's not working, you can call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222 for assistance.

Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working? Try These Fixes
Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working? Try These Fixes
Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working? Try These Fixes

Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working: Best Practices and Preventive Action

Maintaining a properly functioning furnace is essential for the well-being of any home in San Diego, and the Rheem brand is reliable and top-of-the-line. To ensure a safe and functional furnace, local appliance and HVAC technicians recommend taking certain preventive actions to avoid Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working issues. Before going through a list of preventive action, it is important to note that in the event of any malfunctions, it is best to contact a professional before attempting DIY HVAC maintenance.

Preventive Measures

  • Regularly clean or replace furnace filters to maintain the efficiency of the system and reduce strain.
  • Clean and carefully inspect blower components at least once a year.
  • Check and if necessary, change the blower belt routinely. Usually, the belt should be replaced every 1-2 years.
  • Ensure the air vents are free from debris and obstructions.
  • Oil the blower motor annually.

Other Considerations

Additional steps to take for optimal furnace performance include making sure the furnace is level and properly insulated. It is also important to make sure that all electrical wiring is secure and adequately insulated. Electric wires that are not properly insulated could lead to a potentially deadly shock hazard.

Finally, the blower compartment should be opened, inspected and cleaned. Proper lubrication and tightness of bolts and belts is essential, and it can be done by a certified technician. Additionally, the fan limit switch should be checked and inspected, and the blower should be tested periodically.

In conclusion, taking preventive action and following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations can help to avoid any malfunctions with the Rheem furnace blower. This includes routinely changing the filter, cleaning blower parts, checking the blower belt, and lubricating the blower motor. It is important to note that any maintenance to the furnace should only be done by a certified technician.

Advice on Average Repair Cost for "Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working" Issue

Having issues with your Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working? Here's some advice on what you can expect when repairing or replacing the blower in San Diego.

Before you begin, it is recommended to call a local, reliable appliance repair service like Local Reliable Appliance Repair to get an accurate quote on the repair cost.

When repairing the Rheem Furnace Blower, the most common parts needing to be replaced are:

  • Blower motor
  • Blower fan
  • Blower wheel
  • Blower housing
  • Limit switch
  • Control board

The repair cost for parts and labor can range from a minimum of around $150 up to a more complex repair costing up to $400. These prices include the cost of materials.

The exact repair cost really depends on the severity of the issue and the age of the furnace. Older furnace models may need more extensive repairs, while newer models may need fewer replacement parts, making it easier to repair.

It is important to remember that the complexity of any repair job depends on the skill of the service provider. Make sure to research the best local appliance repair services to ensure the job is done correctly.

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FAQ – Rheem Furnace Blower Not Working?

Q. What causes a blower fan to stop working?

A. Blower fan failure is typically caused by mechanical issues, like worn bearings, or a clogged filter or motor failure. Electrical problems, like blown fuses or defective switches, can also be the cause.

Q. Can a dirty filter cause a furnace blower not to work?

A. Yes. A clogged filter can restrict airflow, causing the blower to malfunction or overheat. Replacing a dirty or clogged filter with a clean one will usually get the blower fan working again.

Q. What if the motor runs, but the blower is not spinning?

A. If the motor is running, but the blower fan is not spinning, it is likely caused by a broken blower fan belt, worn or defective bearings, or a seized motor. Replacing worn or damaged parts should restore proper operation.

Q. What if the blower fan runs all the time?

A. If the blower fan never stops running and the full-on indicator light won't turn off, the most common causes are an open limit switch, a closed circulator switch, or a defective thermostat. Check the thermostat, limit switch and circulator switch for proper operation.

Q. What if the furnace blower is noisy when running?

A. If the blower fan is noisy, it is probably caused by debris in the blower wheel, worn motor bearings, or a loose blower fan belt. Debris should be cleaned out and any worn or defective parts should be replaced. Tighten up the blower fan belt as well.

Q. How do I know when it's time to call an appliance repair specialist to fix a blower fan that's not working?

A. If you have tried all of the items listed above, or are unsure of the issue, it is recommended that you contact a local and reliable Appliance Repair specialist at 866-516-1222 to diagnose and repair the furnace blower.