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Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light

Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light

Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light

One of the most difficult aspects of furnace repair is diagnosing and repairing a "pilot light won't light" issue. If your furnace's pilot light won't ignite or stay lit, your heating system might not function correctly. Fortunately, with the right guidance and expert information, this problem can be identified and optimized quickly and efficiently.

In this article, we look at the underlying causes of why your furnace's pilot light won't light and how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

What Is a Pilot Light and What Does It Do?

The pilot light is a small flame located within the main combustion chamber of your furnace. When the furnace blower starts up, it pulls air from around the pilot light and uses it to ignite the main furnace burners. If the pilot light flame is weak or does not ignite at all, the main burners won't function properly and your home won't be heated to the desired temperature.

Why Won’t My Pilot Light Stay Lit?

A furnace pilot light won't light for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, it is a result of a dirty or clogged flue, insufficient corrosion-resistant materials around the burners, or an undersized flue. Other common reasons include air or gas leaks, cracked valve seats, or a restricted gas flow.

The first step in troubleshooting a pilot light won't light issue is to visually inspect the entire system. Check all vents, ducts, and flue pipes for any signs of damage. Make sure that the flue pipes aren't clogged or blocked. Clean the pilot and inspect the gas settings, the gas filter, and the gas valves for any ignition issues.

How to Re-Ignite the Pilot Light

If the pilot light has gone out, the next step is to re-ignite it. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn the furnace off
  2. Wait 5 minutes for the gas to dissipate
  3. Turn the furnace on and locate the reset button, usually found on the pilot light assembly
  4. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds until the pilot light ignites
  5. If the pilot light does not ignite, check for air leaks or blocked flue pipes
  6. Make sure the gas is turned on
  7. Make sure the gas valve is in the open position

What to Do if the Pilot Light Won’t Ignite

If you're unable to ignite the pilot light following the instructions above, it's time to seek professional help. The problem could be related to the thermostat, the pilot light tube, the flame sensor, or a faulty control board. An experienced furnace repair technician can diagnose and repair the issue quickly and efficiently.

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If you wish to read more information about Pilot light won't light, our team of experts is available to answer your questions and provide quality advice to keep your furnace running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light
Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light
Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light

Pilot Light Won't Light: Prevention and Solutions

1. Clean the pilot assembly and burner area to ensure there is no debris, dirt, or dust preventing combustion or flow of gas.
2. Keep the pilot light area free of foreign materials such as cardboard, plastic, paper, or furniture.
3. Check for any cracks or other damage in the pilot light area and replace any components if needed.
4. Regularly replace the thermocouple to ensure it is functioning properly and able to detect the flame.
5. Make sure the pilot light and burner are the appropriate size for your appliance and properly connected.

1. Check and adjust the gas pressure and flow by checking the regulator and the valves leading to the pilot light.
2. Check the pilot light’s gas supply line for obstructions or damage that can prevent fuel from reaching the pilot light.
3. Clean and relight the pilot light using manufacturer instructions.
4. Check and replace the igniter if needed.
5. Hire a professional HVAC technician to inspect and diagnose the issue and provide a detailed estimate of the repair.

Advice on Average Repair Cost for "Pilot Light Won't Light" Issue in San Diego

Furnace issues, such as a pilot light that won't light, can be complex and costly to repair, especially if done by a professional. The average repair cost for a furnace pilot light in the city of San Diego can range anywhere between $150 for a minimum repair to $1500 or more for a complex repair.

There are a multitude of parts that may need to be replaced in order to fix the issue. Most likely, the following components will require repair and/or replacement:
* Gas valve
* Thermostat
* ** printed circuit board, or PCB  **
* Thermocouple
* Ignition system
* Pilot assembly

The minimum repair cost typically includes the labor to diagnose the problem and the parts necessary to complete the repairs. However, if the engineer decides that further repairs are necessary to reinstate optimal furnace operation, additional labor and parts may be needed, resulting in a much higher complex repair cost. The labor costs in San Diego will vary depending on the repair provider and the severity of the issue.

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FAQ – Troubleshooting Your Furnace Pilot Light and Pilot Light Won't Light

What is a pilot light?

A pilot light is an igniting flame that's used to light the main gas burner in a furnace.

What are the common causes when the pilot light won't light?

The common causes of a pilot light not lighting are thermostat issues, defective pilot light valves, and faulty wiring.

How do I troubleshoot my furnace’s pilot light?

First, check that the thermostat is set above the surrounding room temperature. If it's set too low, the furnace won't ignite the pilot light. Then, make sure the gas valve is in the "on" position and the pilot light valve is in the "open" position. If the problem persists, inspect the wiring to ensure it's connected properly.

What are the dangers of a pilot light not lighting?

If a pilot light won't light, it can be dangerous due to the risk of gas leaking and causing an explosion.

What should I do if the pilot light won't light?

If the pilot light won't light and you've troubleshooted the problem, it's best to call a licensed technician for repair.

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