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Whats That Noise Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater

What’s That Noise? Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater

What's That Noise? Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater

Waking up in the middle of the night to strange noises coming from your heater isn’t the most comforting feeling in the world. Heater Making Strange Noises can come from a variety of different issues and if not addressed can lead to potentially costly repairs or a complete replacement of your system. To help you avoid an unexpected bill and an uncomfortable morning, we’ve put together this guide to what causes Heater Making Strange Noises, and when you should call in Local Reliable Appliance Repair.

Unusual and Abnormal Sounds from Your Heater

Not all sound from your heater should sound the same and not all the sound coming from your heater should signify a system fault. Sometimes your heater will make noises that are simply a result of its age or normal operation .

This could include things like knocking, gushing or whirring noises, sometimes a ticking sound that develops over time. These kinds of noises usually come from metal parts, such as the ductwork, heating coils, and the fan motor, that expand and contract due to the heat generated.

If these noises are intermittent and not persistent, there’s no need to worry. However, if the noises are frequent and getting louder, it could be a sign of an impending problem.

Heater Making Strange Noises: Signalling Trouble

Strange noises can be a serious warning sign of problems with your furnace or boiler, especially if the frequency of the noise changes. If the noise is frequent and you’re noticing a decrease in the efficiency of your system, don’t ignore it. Instead, it’s time to call the professionals at Local Reliable Appliance Repair, an experienced repair team with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry.

A few of the noises or processes that could be an indicator of a serious issue include:

  • Loud Booming or Rumbling Noises: Most frequently associated with an issue with the burners in your system, usually due to a lack of airflow or a passageway obstruction.

  • Squealing or Squeaking Noises: This could signify an issue with the fan belt in your system, in most cases these will need to be replaced immediately.

  • Hissing Sounds: This noise could indicate a leak somewhere in the system, identify and contain the the leak as a matter of safety.

  • Humming: Typically this signifies an issue with the electrical components of your system and should be addressed by a professional.

If you’re ever concerned about the noises that your heater is making and think that it may be causing an issue, it’s always best to call an expert.

Keeping Your Heater Healthy

Of course, the best way to avoid issues with your heater, or any appliance for that matter, is to maintain it on a regular basis. The experts at Local Reliable recommend checking your system on a seasonal basis, as well as regular filter changes.

Furthermore, it’s always recommended to get a professional to come out and give your system a service every now and again, even if you don’t think there's anything wrong. This will help you to avoid any unexpected problems and keep your system running smoothly.

Know What To Look Out For

Overall it’s important to watch out for signs of strain on your system. We always recommend that you familiarise yourself with what should be normal and what shouldn’t. Heater Making Strange Noises is an obvious sign to call in the professionals as it could signify a big issue lurking under the surface. If you suspect that you have an issue, or have any other heating related issue, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Local Reliable Appliance Repair.

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What's That Noise? Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater
What's That Noise? Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater
What's That Noise? Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater

Heater Making Strange Noises

It's common to hear strange noises coming from a heater, especially when it's turned on the first few times of the year. To prevent a heater from making strange noises, manufacturer and local HVAC technician recommendations should be followed:

  • Check and clean the filters: It's important to periodically check the filters and vacuum or replace them as needed. This will help prevent dust build-up in the unit, which can cause strange noises.

  • Check the air ducts: Make sure there are no blockages or leaks in the air ducts. This can lead to strange noises, as pressure builds up in the ducts.

  • Have an annual maintenance check: Have an HVAC technician inspect the unit for any damage or repairs needed, including checking for strange noises.

  • Schedule regular tune-ups: Have an HVAC technician perform regular tune-ups on the heater to ensure that all components are running efficiently and that strange noises are minimized.

  • Check the blower motor: Have an HVAC technician inspect the blower motor to make sure it is running smoothly and quietly.

  • Check the fan belt: Make sure the fan belt is properly adjusted and that it is not worn or frayed. This can lead to strange noises.

  • Check the fan and motor bearings: Have an HVAC technician inspect the fan and motor bearings to make sure they are not worn or damaged, and lubricate them as needed.

By following the manufacturer and HVAC technician recommendations for maintenance, proper use, and inspections, homeowners can prevent their heater from making strange noises.

Average Repair Cost for "Heater Making Strange Noises" in San Diego

Strange noises from your heater can be a sign of trouble and should not be ignored. It's best to call a professional repair specialist to diagnose the cause of the noise. In San Diego, the minimum repair or installation cost is usually around $200 and complex repairs or installations can range from $500-$1000. To give you an idea of the potential costs, here is a rundown of some common replacement parts and the cost for labor in the San Diego area:

  • Thermostat: $75-100
  • Heat exchanger: $100-150
  • Blower motor: $100-150
  • Gas valve: $150-200
  • Igniter: $100-150

In addition to the prices listed above, there may be additional costs for materials and labor depending on the particular situation. It is also important to note that if the heater is very old, it may need more extensive repairs that could cost considerably more.

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Heater Making Strange Noises: HVAC and Appliance Repair Solutions

Is your heater making strange noises? Don't worry, help is here. Reliable Appliance Repair, a local San Diego HVAC and appliance repair company, offers same-day service for appliance and HVAC repair and installations. They have highly trained technicians with a minimum of five years' experience in the field ready to quickly diagnose and repair whatever problem you may have with your heater. Plus, as a first-time customer, you receive $25 off labor!

Reliable is an experienced, family-owned and operated local San Diego business offering fair and budget-friendly services. Licensed and insured, their experienced technicians can identify the problem and offer repair and installation services that include:

  • investigating and diagnosing thermostat faults
  • fixing and replacing broken pipes, valves and ducts
  • installation and maintenance of new HVAC systems
  • analysis of the overall health of your current system

No matter what strange noise coming from your heater, don't suffer in silence. Contact Reliable Appliance Repair and get the help you need. Their prompt, professional and reliable service is available 24/7. Get the peace of mind you need and call now: tel:(866) 516-1222

FAQ – What's That Noise? Understanding Strange Sounds from Your Heater

h4 What are the common sounds of a malfunctioning heater?

The sounds of a failing furnace may range from clanks, groans, scraping noises, rattles, to loud clangs and booms.

h4 What should I do if my heater is making strange noises?

The best option is to seek professional help. An experienced professional can accurately diagnose and fix the underlying issue faster than any DIY attempts. You can reach Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.

h4 What are the unexpected noises a poorly-installed heater may produce?

Poorly-installed heaters can produce anything from grinding, rattling, pinging, or cracking noises. These could be caused by loose components or incorrect air pressure.

h4 What are the mechanical issues associated with heater malfunctioning noises?

Malfunctioning noises could indicate worn out or broken parts, such as the blower fan motor, motor belt, or furnace blower.

h4 Are there any benefits of having the heater checked regularly by professionals?

Regular proceedings by certified specialists could save you from costly repairs and increased energy bills. They can detect issues and fix them to guarantee the efficiency of the unit for reduced energy costs.

h4 What should I look for when selecting a contractor to review my heater?

When selecting a professional contractor to analyse your heater, make sure they have the right certifications, years of experience and satisfied customers. Knowledge of the latest repair techniques is also a must.

For best results, please call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.