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How to Fix a Built In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

How to Fix a Built-In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

How to Fix a Built-In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

At one point or another, you may experience an issue with your built-in microwave's exhaust fan not working. While the complexity of the repair could vary depending on the model and specific problem, the fixes below can help in alleviating the issue.

Often, a built-in microwave's exhaust fan doesn't work because of a faulty switch. The purpose of the switch is to turn the fan on and off as it's needed. It's important to remember that when troubleshooting a microwave, you should always unplug the appliance prior to beginning any repairs.

Step One: Check the Ductwork

In some cases, a built-in microwave exhaust fan not working could be due to a fault in the ductwork. Inspect the ductwork for any obstructions that could be preventing air flow. If necessary, please remove whatever may be blocking the ductwork.

Step Two: Clean the Microwave Filters

Another possible reason for a built-in microwave exhaust fan not working is due to a dirty filter. The buildup of food particles and grease over time can cause the filter to become clogged, thus preventing the fan from working as it should. It's important to ensure that all of the filters are clean prior to beginning troubleshooting.

Step Three: Inspect the Fan Motor

If neither of the two solutions above help to restore the functionality of the built-in microwave exhaust fan, it's likely the fan motor needs to be inspected to check for any issues. To do so, remove the cover of the fan and carefully inspect the fan motor. If the motor appears to be damaged or won't turn, you may need to replace the fan itself.

Step Four: Examine the Door Seal

Lastly, it's possible that the door seal of the built-in microwave is preventing the exhaust fan from working properly. This could be due to a faulty seal that isn't properly seating or maybe a seal that has become worn over time. If either of those is the case, consider replacing the seal to ensure proper air flow is achieved.


If you find yourself dealing with a built-in microwave exhaust fan not working, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. Check the ductwork for any blockages, clean the filters, inspect the motor, and examine the door seal for any wear. Taking the time to inspect each step outlined above can help to pinpoint and resolve the issue quickly.

How to Fix a Built-In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working
How to Fix a Built-In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working
How to Fix a Built-In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

Built-in Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working in San Diego – Preventative Action Recommendations

Due to the often hot and humid climate of San Diego, when it comes to avoiding issues with built-in microwave exhaust fans not working, several local Appliance and HVAC Technicians recommend taking certain preventative actions. Additionally, individual manufacturer recommendations should be followed while operating built-in microwave exhaust fans.


It is important to read the instruction manual of a built-in microwave exhaust fan before installation or use. Doing so will minimize the risk of operation errors or damage. Additionally, the manual should provide further preventative action recommendations as specified by the manufacturer.


All built-in microwave exhaust fans require power in order to work. If the power is not on, the fan will not work. Checking the power to ensure that it is on can easily help to identify and resolve the issue of a fan not working.


Often overlooked, dirty or blocked filters can be a primary cause of the fan not working properly. If a filter is not cleaned often, grease buildup and other contaminants can block the air intake and cause the fan to work inefficiently. Cleaning filters as recommended by the manufacturer can provide long-term effectiveness and efficiency of the exhaust fan.


If all other steps have been taken and the built-in microwave exhaust fan is still not working, it is best to contact a local technician or appliance specialist who can identify and repair the underlying cause of the issue.


In general, consistent preventative maintenance of built-in microwave exhaust fans is the best way to avoid any operational issues. Maintenance should include: reading and following the instructions, checking the power, regularly cleaning filters, and having regular professional maintenance checks. Following these steps should help to ensure that the exhaust fan operates smoothly and efficiently.


Average Repair Cost for Built-in Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

Are you looking for professional advice on the average repair cost of a built-in microwave exhaust fan in San Diego? Reliable Appliances Repair specialist can help! Our team of technicians provide comprehensive repair and installation services to alleviate the problem.

The minimum cost to repair the built-in fan is around $150 and the complex repair cost can range up to $250 in San Diego. Depending upon the parts needed to replace, the itemized list of parts commonly replaced include a new blower motor for about $60, a light cover for about $20, and a blower cover for around $30. The labor cost is, generally, around $65 to $90 per hour.

In order to complete the repair, it is important to make sure that all details are provided to the technicians, including the cost of materials. We recommend contacting a reliable appliance repair service, such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.

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FAQ: How to Fix a Built-In Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Working

What can cause the exhaust fan of my built-in microwave not to work?

The fan of a built-in microwave can fail to work because of multiple issues, such as worn-out bearings, a faulty fan motor, a faulty switch, or an electrical problem.

How can I tell if the fan motor is malfunctioning?

To check if the fan motor is malfunctioning, use a multimeter to see if its terminals are receiving an electrical current. If not, then the fan motor needs to be inspected.

How can I tell if the switch is worn-out?

To tell if the switch is worn-out, inspect the terminals to see if there is any corrosion, then use a multimeter to check connection.

How can I check for an electrical problem?

To check for an electrical problem, try to disconnect each of the wires that are connected to the fan and then use a multimeter to test the electrical power.

Is there any way to fix the fan motor on my own?

It is not recommended to try and fix the fan motor on your own due to the complexity and risk of electric shocks. It is best to call a reliable appliance repair technician to inspect and repair the fan motor safely and efficiently.

What should I do if I suspect my built-in microwave exhaust fan needs repairing?

If you suspect that your built-in microwave exhaust fan needs repairing, it is best to call a local reliable appliance repair technician. In case of emergency, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.