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Troubleshooting Kenmore Built In Microwave Sparking

Troubleshooting: Kenmore Built-In Microwave Sparking

Troubleshooting: Kenmore Built-In Microwave Sparking

At [CompanyXYZ], we know that nobody wants their microwave sparking as they try to heat up their food. Below, our team of professionals outlines the troubleshooting steps to take if your Kenmore built-in microwave starts sparking.

Diagnose the Issue

When diagnosing the issue, the first step is to determine the source of the sparking. It could be due to:

  • Loose or frayed wiring in the door
  • Faulty switches or indicator lights
  • Loose component connections
  • Exposed wiring
  • Loose connections on the main power circuit
  • If a component has been replaced, it may not have been installed correctly

Unplug and Secure the Microwave

Unplug the microwave and securely cover any exposed wires before touching the inside of the microwave. Note that these troubleshooting steps should only be taken by an experienced technician. Attempting to diagnose and solve the issue yourself could lead to injury.

Remove the Outer Shell

Carefully remove the outer shell of your microwave. This will allow you to inspect the components and wiring more closely.

Check the Fuse

If the fuse appears burned or cracked, it will need to be replaced. Conversely, if the fuse appears intact and in working order, move on to the next step.

Check the Components

Check all other components such as the switches, indicator lights, and connections for any signs of wear or damage. If something appears loose or damaged, you may need to replace the entire component.

Attach the outer Shell

Once you have identified and resolved the issue, reattach the outer shell of the microwave and plug it in.


These steps should resolve your sparking microwave problem. To verify, turn on the microwave and run it with a load inside the unit. If the microwave runs without sparking, the issue has been resolved.

At [CompanyXYZ], we strive to provide the highest quality repair services available. If you are unable to identify and resolve the issue yourself, our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are always ready to help.

Troubleshooting: Kenmore Built-In Microwave Sparking
Troubleshooting: Kenmore Built-In Microwave Sparking
Troubleshooting: Kenmore Built-In Microwave Sparking

Kenmore Built-in Microwave Sparking

Preventive action to avoid Kenmore built-in microwave sparking issues is key for safety and for maintaining the appliance. Below are manufacturer recommendations, as well as local appliance and HVAC technician’s best practices for this situation.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

  1. Ensure that the microwave is installed properly.
  2. Check that all electrical connections are secure.
  3. Check that the waveguide cover is properly installed to prevent sparking and arcing.
  4. Clean the grease filter regularly, as an accumulation of grease and dirt can cause sparking.

Local Appliance Technician’s Best Practices:

  1. Check the air vents of the microwave for any blockages and clean accordingly.
  2. Replace the high voltage diode if needed.
  3. Inspect the oven cavity for any issues or signs of sparking or arcing.
  4. Replace any faulty door seals as this can cause sparking.
  5. Make sure the wall socket is appropriately rated for the voltage and power of the microwave.

Following the manufacturer’s and local appliance technician’s guidelines for Kenmore built-in microwaves can help avoid sparking issues. Taking the proper preventive action will save time, money, and decrease the risk of any potential harm.

Average Repair Cost for Kenmore Built-In Microwaves Sparking Issue in San Diego

The cost to repair a Kenmore built-in microwave sparking issue in San Diego can range from $125 for a minor fix to $400 for a complex repair. The majority of repairs will fall in the lower end of this range. The cost depends on the type of repair, the necessary materials, and the service fee. It is best to contact a reliable appliance repair service to get an accurate estimate.

To get the best advice and price estimates, we suggest calling Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.

Most commonly replaced parts for a Kenmore built-in microwave sparking issue include bulbs, door switches, controllers, and control panels. In more complex cases, the primary capacitor and turbine motor may need to be repaired or replaced. Labor costs can vary largely depending on the complexity of the fix. Commonly, the labor charge will be between $65 to $105 depending on the repair service. On top of that, a materials fee may be included in the cost. The exact amount of materials needed will depend on the repair and will vary based on the complexity of the issue.

We strongly recommend that you contact a reliable appliance repair service to accurately diagnose your microwave issue and advise on the most cost effective solution. For San Diego residents, Local Reliable Appliance Repair offers same day appointments and professional repair services.

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FAQ – Troubleshooting: Kenmore Built-in Microwave Sparking

Why does my Kenmore Built-in microwave spark?

The spark observed likely is caused by food remnants that have remained in the oven, causing arcing. The sparks occur when the microwaves generated by the magnetron come into contact with conductive materials like metal foil, or metals omitted by forgotten food. If sparking isn't remedied, the magnetron – the component responsible for generating microwaves – can be damaged.

How can I stop the sparking in my Kenmore built-in microwave?

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to avoiding a sparking microwave. Use dishwashing detergent to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the device, removing all debris and food remnants. And keep an eye out for metal objects inside as these can cause sparks as well.

What are the signs that my Kenmore built-in microwave needs repairs?

A well-working microwave should operate without sparking. Additionally, the appliance should maintain its desired temperature and cook food evenly. Signs of malfunctioning may include discoloration, burning smells, bubbles in the food, and an inability to heat food.

If your Kenmore built-in microwave is sparking and/or showing any signs of malfunctioning, make sure to contact a reliable appliance repair provider right away.

To ensure your microwave is running optimally and safely, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.