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Why Is My Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice?

Why Is My Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice?

Have you noticed that your ice maker is making hollow ice cubes? Does the ice taste and smell different? If this is the case, then you have a problem. We will discuss why and what can you do to fix it.

Is There a Problem with Hollow Ice Cubes?

Yes, if your ice maker is making hollow cubes, then there is definitely something wrong. The purpose of the ice cubes is to provide cold drinks with a refreshing coolness and taste. As such, hollow cubes are not ideal for consumption.

It is important to note that the hollow ice cubes are not necessarily a sign of a broken ice maker. It could be an indication of a blocked water line, a loose filter, or low water pressure.

What Are the Causes of Hollow Ice Cubes?

There are several possible causes that can lead to hollow ice cubes. These include the following:

  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure is one of the most common causes of hollow ice cubes. If the pressure is too low, the water will not fill the ice cube trays properly, resulting in hollow cubes.

  • Clogged filter: Dirt, sediment, and other contaminants can clog the filters in the water line, causing low water pressure. This will result in a lack of water filling the ice cube trays, once again resulting in hollow ice cubes.

  • Improper drainage: If the drainage is not working properly, the water will not be able to pass through, resulting in hollow ice cubes. This could be due to a blockage in the drainage pipe or a broken pump.

  • Incorrect freezer temperature: The ideal temperature for ice makers to freeze water is between 0°F and 8°F. If the freezer is too cold or too warm, it won’t be able to freeze the water in the ice cube trays, resulting in hollow cubes.

  • Old or dirty ice maker: If the ice maker is old or dirty, it can’t produce good quality cubes. Even if the filter is clean and the water pressure is sufficient, the ice maker can still produce hollow cubes due to its age or dirtiness.

How to Fix Hollow Ice Cubes

There are several things that you can do to fix hollow ice cubes. Here are some tips:

  • Check water pressure: Make sure that the water pressure is sufficient to fill the ice cube trays. If the pressure is low, check the water lines for any blockage or leaks.

  • Change the filter: The filter should be changed regularly to ensure that contaminants do not accumulate and block the water line.

  • Clean the ice maker: Cleaning the ice maker on a regular basis can help to improve the quality of the ice cubes by removing dirt and residue.

  • Adjust the temperature: Make sure that the temperature of the freezer is between 0°F and 8°F. If the temperature is too high or too low, adjust it accordingly.

  • Replace the ice maker: If the ice maker is old or damaged, it may be time to replace it with a new one. It is best to consult an expert to help you choose the right ice maker for your needs.


If your ice maker is making hollow cubes, it is important to identify the cause and take steps to fix the issue. In most cases, the issue can be resolved by checking the water pressure, changing the filter, cleaning the ice maker, and adjusting the temperature. If the problem persists, it may be time to consider replacing the ice maker.

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Why Is My Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice?
Why Is My Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice?
Why Is My Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice?

Taking Preventive Action to Avoid Issues with An Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice

Taking the right steps in order to prevent ice maker issues such as hollow ice can help keep an ice maker in good working condition and ensure it is reliable year in and year out. Here are some recommendations from local appliance and HVAC technicians in San Diego to consider:

  • Check the water pressure – The right amount of water pressure is needed to ensure ice cubes form properly. Water pressure that is too high or lower than recommended can cause hollow ice cubes.

  • Check the temperature – Temperature is essential for proper ice cube formation. If the temperature is too high or too low, ice cubes may form with air pockets or be too soft.

  • Clean and calibrate – Keeping the ice maker clean and properly calibrated will help it form well-made ice cubes. The filter should be changed every 6 months, and the ice making cycle should be run regularly.

  • Check for clogs – Clogs can prevent the ice maker from properly distributing water to the reservoir and can result in hollow cubes. Regularly inspect the ice maker and clean out any debris or clogs that are found.

  • Contact a local appliance
    repair technician
    – If all of the above steps fail, it may be time to have a licensed appliance repair technician take a look at the ice maker. An experienced technician will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the right repair solution. A reliable local business such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair in San Diego can be contacted at (866) 516-1222.

Average Repair Cost for Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice in San Diego

If your ice maker is making hollow ice, you may need to repair or replace it to restore the ice's quality. Depending on the severity of the issue, the repair cost could vary in San Diego – from a minimum repair cost of around $60 to complex installation prices.

When an ice maker is making hollow ice, it is usually caused by a few possibilities, including a low water pressure, a drainage tube that is blocked, or a heating element that is defective. Replacing the broken parts could help resolve the issue.

At a minimum, you would need a new water inlet valve, a thermistor, and a few other parts, totaling around $60 for materials. When calling for a repair service, some appliance technicians may charge an additional fee for labor which could be up to around $120 or more. In total, the minimum repair cost for hollow ice issues under these circumstances would range from $60 to $180.

In some cases, a brand new ice maker installation may be the best option, which would require complex installation or replacement of the existing ice maker. The price for a complex installation of a new ice maker could cost up to $400, depending on the model and difficulty of installing it.

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Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice

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FAQ: Why Is My Ice Maker Making Hollow Ice?

Q: What Causes Hollow Ice?

Hollow ice cubes can be caused by a few different issues. Generally, the most frequent culprits are leaky water lines, low water pressure, or a malfunctioning water inlet valve.

Q: Is Hollow Ice Dangerous?

No, hollow ice is not dangerous. However, depending on the reason why it’s happening, it can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a leak in your water line.

Q: How Do I Fix Hollow Ice?

To fix hollow ice cubes, first inspect your water lines for any leaks. If there are none, check the water pressure to make sure it’s within normal levels. If the problem persists, your water inlet valve may need to be replaced.

Q: What Should I Do If I Can’t Diagnose the Problem?

If you can’t diagnose the issue, it’s best to call in a professional. Local Reliable Appliance Repair (866) 516-1222 specializes in refrigerator repairs and can help you quickly identify and solve the problem.