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AC Running But Not Cooling? Here’s What To Do

Is Your AC Unit Running But Not Cooling?

Do you have an air conditioner running but not cooling your San Diego home? Don’t wait until your heat wave dries out your surroundings. A functioning AC is essential for comfort and protection from heat exhaustion and dehydration. At this point, you need to take urgent action to rectify the situation.

When your air conditioner is not cooling, the first step is understanding why this is happening. Identifying the issue can help reduce the need for costly repairs and decrease the cooling time. There is a range of causes of the issue. But luckily, most of them can be fixed quickly and professionally with the help of an AC specialist.

Let’s Take A Look At The Common Causes Of AC Running But Not Cooling

When you have an air conditioner running but not cooling your home, you may not be aware of what caused the situation in the first place. Fortunately, many of the likely causes causing the issue are not too complicated, and an experienced AC repairman should be able to repair the problem for you.

1. Mechanical Issues Could Be the Culprit

Mechanical problems are a prime suspect when your AC is running, but not cooling your home. These could be due to a compressor malfunction, an inaccurate fan speed setting, a worn-out compressor motor, blocked air conditioning condensers, or a clogged air filter.

A reputable AC repair specialist can easily spot the immediate culprit and come up with a fix. Common repairs will include replacing faulty compressors, repairing fan speeds, fixing any blocked condensers, and checking or replacing worn-out motors.

2. Issues with the Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a crucial component in air conditioning systems, and regional temperature differences and usage can reduce the effectiveness of the refrigerant over time. Low refrigerant levels can affect the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit, leading to AC running but not cooling your property.

If a technician notices a decrease in the pressure or a leak of refrigerant, they can easily fix that by recharging or replacing the refrigerant. Avoid the temptation to fill up your own refrigerant – this requires specialized equipment, and you’ll need extra assistance to avoid making things worse.

3. Power Outage or Surge

It’s not just the weather or worn-out components that can cause your air conditioner to stop working. Power outages or severe power surges can also affect your air conditioner and can send your cooling system into emergency mode.

If your air conditioner trips after you go back to normal power, contact a qualified AC repair team to inspect your system and identify the cause. You can always prevent a large power surge by using an efficient surge protector, but a power outage would still affect your AC’s internal components.

4. Thermostat Malfunction

A thermostat is your air conditioner’s main control panel. If it fails to produce accurate readings, your air conditioner may run but not cool your home as it should.

Make sure your thermostat is set up properly and then check to see if it is responding accurately to the environment. If your thermostat is still failing to register the internal temperature, contact an experienced repairman to assess the issue.

Time to Get Professional Help

If your AC is running but not cooling your home, there could be any number of causes. You should also be aware that air conditioners that stop cooling may need professional help. A simple solution could be a quick fix or may require more complex repairs. There’s no way to tell until you have an HVAC expert to identify, diagnose and fix the problem.

An experienced reliable AC specialist can help you select the right air conditioner for your home and keep it running at optimal efficiency. If you recognize any of the above problems and need help, call on a reliable appliance repairman for advice and help.

When your air conditioner is running but not cooling, don’t panic. Simply contact a local reliable appliance repair company and have them inspect your AC. With proper diagnosis and repairs, you’ll be cooled down in no time.

If you wish to read more information about AC running but not cooling, click here. For more advanced issues, we recommend that you call a local reliable appliance repair expert at (866) 516-1222 for advice and help.

AC Running But Not Cooling? Here's What To Do
AC Running But Not Cooling? Here's What To Do
AC Running But Not Cooling? Here's What To Do

Preventive Actions to Avoid an AC Running But Not Cooling Issue

It is important to take preventive action to avoid AC running but not cooling issues. If your AC is running but not cooling, it is essential to address the issue as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps that you can take to help reduce the risk of your AC running but not cooling. Here are a few recommendations from manufacturers and local appliance or HVAC technicians:

Check System Components

The first step is to make sure that all system components are working correctly. Check to make sure the evaporator coil, condenser coil, and blower are functioning correctly. Additionally, you should also make sure that the filters are clean and the tubing is clean and clear.

Inspect Ductwork

Another important step is to inspect the ductwork for any leaks or blockages. Any obstructions or leaks in the ductwork can cause the air conditioning system to run inefficiently, leading to a cooling problem. If any leaks or blockages are found, they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Clean Condenser Coils

It is also important to regularly clean the condenser coils. The condenser coils allow the AC system to cool the air, so if they are not kept clean, the system may not be able to adequately cool the air.

Replace the Air Filter

It is important to replace the air filter regularly. The air filter helps to maintain clean air in the home, and an old or dirty air filter can cause a cooling issue.

Call a Professional

If your AC is still running but not cooling, it is important to call a professional as soon as possible. Many times, a professional may be able to identify the problem and provide a more permanent solution. For local appliance or HVAC technician services in San Diego, consider calling Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.

By following these proactive steps, you can help to ensure that your AC runs properly and you avoid any cooling issues. If you do experience any cooling issues, it is important to call a professional as soon as possible to get the issue resolved before it causes any further damage to your AC system.

Average Repairs Costs to Resolve AC Running But Not Cooling In San Diego

Getting your AC running but not cooling sorted can quickly become costly. Depending on the issue you might face hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair and installation costs. The cost of materials will vary depending on the replacement parts required. To get an estimate of your repair costs for San Diego, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair for professional advice.

The minimum repair or installation cost in San Diego could range anywhere from $250 to $800. The repair/installation might involve replacing or repairing the ducts, filters, or blades. The most complex repair or installation price could be between $600 and $1200. You might need to purchase new evaporator coils, fans, a new condenser, or an upgrade to a full-system replacement.

We recommend professional advice from a reliable service for AC repairs. If you are based in San Diego, our recommended professionals are Local Reliable Appliance Repair. They specialize in AC repair services, installations and maintenance. Contact them for prompt and economical solutions today.

How to Solve Your AC Running but Not Cooling Problem?

If your air conditioner is running but not cooling, don’t panic. It’s a common problem, and there are measures you can take to keep your system running properly. The first step is to contact Reliable HVAC and Appliance Repair, a family-owned local company in San Diego offering same-day services.

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Reliable employs a customer-focused approach to appliance and HVAC repair and installations. It offers same-day service, so you can get your problem resolved quickly and without fuss. Plus, its technicians have the knowledge to diagnose and repair any issue with your system.

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With Reliable HVAC and Appliance Repair, you can rest assured that your AC running but not cooling problem will be professionally solved, and you won’t be stuck with a bill that fails to reflect the results. Contact them at (866) 516-1222 today and get fast, reliable services.

If your air conditioner is running but not cooling, don’t wait to call Reliable HVAC and Appliance Repair. This local San Diego, family-owned and operated business offers same-day service with experienced, trustworthy technicians. Its fair, affordable pricing and customer-focused approach mean that you can trust Reliable HVAC and Appliance Repair’s results and service. Contact them at (866) 516-1222 today and start enjoying the cool and comfortable San Diego summer.

FAQ: AC Running But Not Cooling? Here’s What To Do

Q1: What Causes AC to Not Cool?

Ans: ACs not cooling can be caused by a blown fuse, a lack of refrigerant, clogged filters, a thermostat issue, or a failed condenser or compressor.

Q2: How Can I Fix AC Running But Not Cooling?

Ans: To troubleshoot, check if the power is on, check the thermostat, check the fuses or circuit breaker, check the compressor, and check the condenser.

Q3: What Servicing Should I Ask an AC Tech?

Ans: Ask an experienced AC technician to inspect your system, clean the coils and fan, replace any damaged parts, check for leaks, and recharge the refrigerant levels.

Q4: Should I Call a Professional?

Ans: An experienced AC technician will know exactly what to do when it comes to diagnosing and fixing ACs. It’s best to call a professional for repairs.

For reliable service for your AC issue, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 516-1222.